Colorado Swimming Board of Directors

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Board Position Name


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General Chair Tristan Cross  
1st Vice Chair - Admin  Dale Ammon  
2nd Vice Chair - Senior Division Eric Eikenbary  
3rd Vice Chair - Age Group Division Vinny Pryor  
Treasurer Bill Bartel  
Secretary Robert Scandary  
Finance Vice-Chair Jillian Hayes  
Seasonal Club Representative Cody Allen  
Technical Planning Chair Shawn Smith 303-871-4484
1st Coach's Representative Steve Hanson  
2nd Coach's Representative Luke Schumm  
Senior Athlete Representative Kristin Hultgren  To speak to any athlete reps, please contact the CSI Swim Office
Senior Athlete Representative Sophia Bradac  
Junior Athlete Representative Miriam Skari  
Junior Athlete Representative Huarui Lai  
Seasonal Athlete Representative Adam Austin  
Seasonal Athlete Representative Lila Renke  
Operational Risk Coordinator Brian Wixted  
Officials Chair Mike Dilli 303-358-2197
Safe Sport Coordinator Linda Eaton  
Geographic Zone Representatives - Zone 1 Rich LeDuc  
Geographic Zone Representatives - Zone 2 Vinny Pryor  
Geographic Zone Representatives - Zone 3 Cheryl Thomas-Gilmore  
Geographic Zone Representatives - Zone 4    
Geographic Zone Representatives - Zone 5 Bob Jenkyns  
Executive Secretary

Jackie Stiff


Colorado Swimming Standing Committees and Zone Reps

Position Name Phone
Records/Top 16/NTV Chair Linda Seckinger  
Open Water Grant Holicky  
Club Development Andy Niemann  
Disability Swimming Chair Char Sorenson  
Diversity Equity Inclusion Chair Rich Leduc  
Past General Chair Linda Seckinger  

Governance Committee - Member

Ingrid Briant  
Governance Committee - Member Linda Seckinger  
Governance Committee - Chair Jason Lupo  
Governance Committee - Member Ken Ebuna  
Governance Committee--Athlete Miriam Skari  
Official Coordinator Mike Urbanowicz See officials page for Officials committee contacts
Officials Committee Athlete Rep Isabelle Wederquist  
Zone 1 Officials Representative Todd Yee  
Zone 2 Officials Representative Scott Powell  
Zone 3 Officials Representative Suzi Mishmash  
Zone 4 Officials Representative Terry Kidd  
Zone 5 Officials Representative Troy Brovold  
Seasonal Officials Representative Ericka Anderson