Colorado Swimming Coaches’ Mentoring Program

To foster opportunities for coaches to learn from experienced mentor coaches in the sport to help grow their knowledge, skill set, and career opportunities.

Program Parameters for Mentee Applicants:

·         Visits will be a minimum of one (1) day up to a maximum of three (3) days and two (2) nights.

·         The mentor and mentee must work together for at least four (4) hours per day during the visit.

·         The Mentor Coach may be selected by the Applicant. The applicant must complete the attached CSI Coach Mentoring Request application and have written approval for the visit by the proposed Mentor coach. The application must have two (2) mentor options listed. The CSI Board of Directors (BOD) must approve all applications for Mentor funds.

·         Mentor coach location must be within a day’s drive.

·         The Mentee must submit a Coach Mentoring Trip Report to the CSI BOD within two weeks of the conclusion of their trip to share what they learned.

·         The Mentee will also prepare a report (i.e. Word or PowerPoint) describing what they learned/observed/experienced during their visit. The file will be posted on the CSI website to share with and benefit other coaches and team programs.

·         Coaches that are eligible for USA Swimming’s National Junior Team visit program are ineligible for this program.

·         Mentees that cancel/reschedule their confirmed visit more than once are no longer eligible for this program for that calendar year. 

Reimbursement to Mentees:

·         Mileage at the rate outlined by the Colorado Office of the State Controller

·         Maximum lodging reimbursement and daily meal per diem based off of GSA rates

·         Up to $30 reimbursement for buying meal(s) for the Mentor Coach

·         All receipts and accurate mileage must be submitted to CSI within 7 days of the end of your trip to receive reimbursement. 

Program Parameters for Mentors:

·         The Mentor Coach must submit written approval for the visit of the Mentee Coach.

·         The Mentor Coach agrees to spend at least 4 hours with the Mentee per day of the visit.

·         After the visit, the Mentor Coach must also complete a short survey.

·         Upon completion of all items by Mentee and Mentor, the Mentor coach will receive a $100 honorarium from CSI for their time and knowledge sharing.  If the Mentor Coach fails to follow the agreed upon schedule and does not spend the minimum 4 hours each day with their Mentee, the honorarium will not be issued.    

Application Process:

·         Fill out the CSI Coach Mentoring Program Application.

·         Obtain written approval from your preferred Mentor including approval of dates/times for visits and topics to be covered.

·         Send Approval from preferred Mentor to [email protected].

·         Once approved, contact the Mentor and finalize the schedule.

·         Submit final schedule for final approval.

·         After visit, submit receipts and mileage for reimbursement.

·         The Mentee must submit a report to the CSI BOD within two weeks of the conclusion of their trip to share what they learned.

·         Reimbursements will be issued upon receipt of the Follow up Report of the Mentee and the Survey of the Mentor.

·         The Mentee will also prepare a report that can be put on the LSC website with things they learned/observed that other coaches and programs may benefit from knowing about through their presentation. This report for sharing with the LSC coaches must be submitted within two weeks of the end of the trip.