Code of Conduct for Coaches

Each Coach as a Non-Athlete Member of USA Swimming is bound by the Code of Conduct as listed in section 304 of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations.  In addition coaches must abide by the points listed below.  The CSI Board of Directors recommends that clubs adopt a similar code of conduct as a condition of employment with the club.


I.       The following additions to the Code of Conduct pertain to practices, meets, camps, meetings, and clinics where coaches represent CSI, in or outside the LSC.

A.      Coaches shall follow sound principles of teaching, coaching, training, nutrition, rest, and prevention of injuries when planning practices, camps, and while coaching at meets.

B.      Coaches shall provide and exhibit appropriate communication and motivation to encourage optimal performances and participation by the athletes.

C.      Coaches shall display responsible actions and attitudes, follow rules, and encourage the same actions and attitudes in their athletes.

D.      Coaches shall treat all athletes and officials fairly and with respect.

E.       Coaches will not actively solicit athletes to change their present club affiliation.

F.       Coaches shall behave in a responsible manner, and will refrain from using any alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances while acting in any official capacity with athletes present.

II.      Failure to comply with any Code of Conduct rule will result in any or all of these disciplinary actions after filing a complaint with the CSI General Chair.

A.      A coach may not be allowed to participate in any or all practices, meets, camp activities, team events, or meetings.

B.      A coach may be requested to leave the aquatic facility and/or lodging for the duration of the event.

C.      A coach will be financially responsible for any damage caused by him or her.

D.      A coach may be suspended from USA SWIMMING subject to the National Board of Review.

III.     The CSI Board of Review can review any appeal forwarded by the CSI General Chair as stated in the Board of Review Procedures.