Coaches must have the following before their membership card can be issued (Membership Cards are available on Deck Pass):

1.  Registration form and fees paid to Colorado Swimming
2.  USA Swimming Background Check
3.  Athlete Protection Training course
4.  CPR Certification (See USA swimming for acceptable courses)
5.  Safety Training for Swim Coaches (Online and In Water)
     A. Online through American Red Cross (sample certificate)
     B. In Water (either Lifeguarding or USA swimming check list sign off)  (See USA swimming for acceptable courses)
6.  Foundations of Coaching 101 exam (201 and Rules & Regs are required before re-registering for the coach's second year of membership)
7. USADA Coach Advantage Tutorial (USA Swimming)
For more information and additional links:  (specifically  items 2-7)
Locations to look for CPR/STSC courses