Sanctioning Fees (Updated 10-18-22)

1-150 swimmers  = $50

151-400 swimmers =$100

401-900 swimmers $150

901+ = $200

Sanctioning Information (Updated 12-15-22)
1. Read Me First Sanction Reminders

2. Prepare Meet Information Sanction Meet Information Requirements  (Approved meet requirements contact [email protected]) NO MORE COVID INFO Needed

           Sample/Template of Meet Information

3. SUBMIT  Sanction Electronic Application  (You will be required to submit meet information)

4. Meet Referee Sign off of meet application 


Other items needed for during the meet and after

1.  Report of Occurrence (reports are now done online)

2.  Duties of the Meet Marshal

3. Meet Marshal Standards

4.  Warm-up Procedures



1.  Meet Results SUBMIT MEET MANAGER BACKUP to Linda Seckinger

2.  Meet Financial Report  (DUE within 45 Days of meet completion)



202.3 PROCEDURE FOR APPEAL — An applicant whose application has been denied by an LSC shall have the right to appeal the denial to the Zone Sanction Appeal Panel.

.1 Each Zone shall establish a Zone Sanction Appeal Panel. A Each Zone shall designate a group of coaches, referees and athletes available to serve on an Appeal Panel. B A petitioner may file an appeal with the Senior Zone Director within five (5) days of receiving notification of denial by an LSC. C When an appeal is filed, the Zone Director shall notify the LSC and appoint a panel made up of a coach, referee and athlete, each from a different LSC and none from the petitioner’s LSC.

.2 The Zone Sanction Appeal Panel is authorized to require an LSC to issue a sanction or approval except in those instances where the sanction or approval was denied because the application was in conflict with a policy adopted by the LSC House of Delegates or because the application was in conflict with USA Swimming rules or requirements.

.3 The Zone Sanction Appeal Panel’s decision shall be final.