As a swim official in CSI, we encourage you to explore opportunities to increase your skills on deck and support any meet in multiple ways.  We have a number of officials who are experienced in many of the roles you see below and the more skilled you become the more options meet referees have in supporting each session and the more valuable you become to supporting your peers on deck at swim meets.  
Below you will see an outline of the roles we need to serve at swim meets and how you might be able to grow in your experience
1.  Stroke & Turn Judge:  The first step.
2.  Take Chief Judge Clinic & work as a CJ to increase your competency as a Stroke and Turn Official.
3.  Advance to Starter:  After 1 year at S&T you may pursue certification as a starter.
4.  Deck Referee (Big Step):  After 1 year at Starter you may pursue certification as a Deck Referee.
5.  Junior Meet Referee:  An experienced Deck Referee with administrative training and able to run small swim meets (300 swimmers or less).
6.  Senior Meet Referee:  After one year as a Deck Referee, you can become an experienced Meet Referee capable of managing large swim meets or meets with a preliminary-finals format.

7  Administrative Referee:  Manages the dry side paper flow and personnel; and back up Meet Referee



 Electronic Timing Judge
Administrative Official:  
Timing rules expert, results verification, and processing.  Pre-meet data checks, runs reports.