Swim Staff Select - Pre-Employment Screening Tool

 SwimStaffSelect (www.swimstaffselect.org) is a Web-based cloud application (app) that helps you screen applicants for staff and volunteer positions at your swim club. Using SwimStaffSelect, you can create position descriptions, job postings, job applications, reference checking scripts, and interview scripts. . You can also communicate with applicants and review applications.

• SwimStaffSelect is a free member service available to all member clubs

• SwimStaffSelect is the result of a year-long partnership with the Non-Profit Risk Management Center. CEO Melanie Lockwood Herman previewed the tool at the 2014 USAS Convention and the 2015 Safe Sport Leadership Conference.

• SwimStaffSelect evolved as a result of the 2014 Vieth Report which recommended that USA Swimming expand its pre-employment screening program to include a written application, personal interview and written acknowledgment of the code of conduct pertaining to child protection and to develop tools to assist clubs in the hiring process

 SwimStaffSelect User Guide