Welcome to the IES Coaches Professional Development Page!

If you know of an upcoming opportunity for professional coach development that you would like to share with the other coaches in our LSC, please contact the IES Office: [email protected]

Ongoing opportunites can be found on the USA Swimming website, under Programs & Services > Regional Coaches Clinics HERE 

Coaches Continuing Education Financial Assistance Program

IES maintains a Coaches Continuing Education Financial Assistance Fund - details below are from the 2018 IES Policies & Procedures, Section 8.G. p. 20

1. Coaches Eligibility and Funding. Each active member Coach may be reimbursed for attending an eligible Continuing Education conference. Examples of which are the annual ASCA Coaches Conference

2. Request for Reimbursement. Request for reimbursement funds shall be submitted by an eligible IES coach, to the IES Coaches Representative. The IES Coaches Representative will verify eligibility and forward requests for reimbursements to the IES Treasurer. The request must contain the Coaches name, dates of attendance and all applicable receipts.

3. Eligibility A maximum of two (2) IES Coaches from individual IES Registered Clubs are eligible to apply for reimbursement for attendance at an eligible Continuing Education conference per year.

4. Funding IES shall budget each year, $2,500.00 funding for Continuing Education unless another amount of funding is proposed by the IES Coaches Committee and approved by the IES House of Delegates.

  • Eligible IES Coaches may request reimbursement from the Continuing Education fund not to exceed $250 per coach, per year.
  • Receipts must be submitted with all reimbursement requests and reimbursements shall not exceed the amount of submitted receipts up to the maximum reimbursement.
  • Financial assistance will only be paid for Coaches of IES Registered teams (No Exceptions).
  • The reimbursement will be paid to the teams of those Coaches who attended