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From the Inland Empire Swimming Handbook:
Section 10-Inland Empire Equipment Procedures
     A. IE Timing Equipment.

1. Availability. A full set of electronic timing equipment (touchpads, start unit, etc.) is available to all meet directors who hold sanctioned "A" or "A/B" or Championship meets in which the full surcharge is levied. IES will make all reasonable efforts to make available fully functioning electronic timing equipment for all sanctioned meets in which the full surcharge is levied.

           2. Team Responsibilities. Each club’s meet director is responsible for the delivery, installation, take down, and return of the equipment. The meet director is also responsible for arranging any needed training associated with use of the equipment.                

a. Checking Inventory. Each team representative who accepts the equipment should check the  inventory carefully to be sure they have everything that they  signed for on the inventory sheet. If  the inventory sheet is missing, please  contact the IE Equipment Chair immediately.                

b. Damaged or Missing Equipment. Each club using the electronic timing equipment is  responsible for the replacement of, or reimbursement and  replacement of, all missing gear and damage beyond reasonable wear and tear.

A. Items each swim meet host team should have on hand during the meet:
  • 8 "D cell" alkaline batteries (spares for the System 5 deck computer - it will not operate without good back-up batteries installed)
  • Surge protector power strip (for the System 5 unless you are running it completely on battery power, in which case you need several spare sets of D cells)
B. Supplies to clean timing system cable connectors:
  • "Lime-A-Way" or "CLR" hard water scale corrosion cleaner
  • CRC Heavy Duty Silicone Lubricant spray can
  • cotton swabs
  • clean rags
C. Procedure specified by Colorado Time Systems is:

1. Use "Lime-A-Way" or "CLR" hard water scale corrosion cleaner on a cotton swab, dab iton and let it sit for     several minutes.
2. Then rinse with clean fresh water (not chlorinated pool water!).
3. Dry.
4. Apply a small amount of silicone grease. [ CRC brand "Heavy Duty Silicone Multi-UseLubricant" spray can     which is ~$2.59 for a 7.5 OZ. can is good ] see pages Timing Computer manual pages A-3 through A-5

DO NOT USE SOLVENTS such as contact cleaners which can attack the plastic plug housings or vinyl cable materials.

D. Other useful supplies:
  • De-Solv-It Citrus Solution" (a squirt bottle of this works wonders removing duct tape sticky residue and the Velco adhesive when repairing pad mounts, but don’t use it on the electronic connectors)
  • AMMONIA-FREE glass cleaner (a squirt bottle of this to clean the computer screen & keypad, also to clean the pad mount strips after De-Solv-It before putting on new Velcro)
  • a simple multi-meter that can measure 5 volts DC and open/closed continuity
  • (also 110 volt AC if you want to check the facility power receptacles)

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