Mission Statement:

Develop, Improve, and Support Competitve Swimming in the Inland Empire

Vision Statement:

Provide a safe and positive atmosphere for all swimmers of all abilities to achieve and sustain lifelong success.

reviewed and updated June 15, 2021

Strategic Plan:

The strategic plan within Inland Empire Swimming is continually evolving, designed to develop and grow as the association grows. The ideal targeted range is a 2 to 5 year window for the following goals: 

  1. Stay ahead of the growth trends within the association.
  2. Anticipate and plan for increased competition needs as the association grows.
  3. Routinely assess the needs of our membership.
  4. Maintain relationships with our existing facilities and reach out to any new facilities to show them the benefit of bringing competitions to their city.
  5. Develop new ideas to keep the association as a model for other small LSCs, both in the pool and in the organization of our sport.