October 8 Updates
I hope this email finds you well!  Many of you have found yourself on a pool deck together, and that is always a good thing.  We are busy indeed with NCAA, High School Swimming and LSC Meets!
Updates/Information requested/Save the Date:
  • OTS transition has started to SWIMS 3.0.  This is a slow process, but we are now able to enter officials who have worked sanctioned and approved swim meets.  I will be hosting a zoom call with IES MR identified in the current sanctions for this fall. If you are a MR this fall, please look for a zoom meeting shortly.
  • I anticipate that eventually we will have the same data pull options we had with the old OTS.  However, there is a hitch right now, in that I need your birth date and full name to review your official file.  However, I can also do it if I have your membership number.  So I am asking each of you to please fill out this form with your name and new membership number. 
  • Save the Date: We will have our bi-annual HOD Officials Meeting on Saturday October 15, 9:00 a.m.  Please see the zoom link for access to our meeting next week.
  • We still do not have access to our LSC and National Certification information.  However, I do have a printout from August 31 for anyone who might not have that information, or MR's who are curious about who to place in assignments for their upcoming meet.
  • Training:  I will have information regarding upcoming Zoom training at our HOD officials meeting next week. 
That is it for now, hopefully we will see everyone next Saturday at our HOD Officials Meeting.
Take care,
IES Officials Chair
September 21 - Quick Updates
  • The Officials Committee is in the process of restructuring its membership, which will include 1-2 athletes.  The goal is to have bi-monthly meetings, with the off month focused on sub-committee task completion.
  • IES is in transition to an LSC led officials training, using Zoom as a primary source for all future trainings.  We will be having a ST training soon, as well as future trainings for CJ, Starter, Deck Ref's and Admin Refs and AO's.  We will announce dates for those training soon!  To help us schedule our first stroke and turn training and plan for future trainings, please fill out the form in this link.  Please forward this link to prospective new officials from your club.
  • We will have our HOD officials meeting Saturday October 15th at 9:00 a.m. for about 1 hour. There will be an agenda and zoom link sent just prior to the meeting. The meeting will be recorded for those who can't make it.
  • There is access to officials testing through USA Swimming, during the transition to the new officials system. If you need help finding it, please email and let me know.
Keith Lambert
IES Officials Chair