Date:     February 28, 2012


From:    USA Swimming, Member Services Department

                Insurance & Risk Management

                Carol Burch, Mary Illich



The Member Services Department of USA Swimming is pleased to announce the completion of the new online version of the Report of Occurrence form. Submitting the form online will be a more efficient way of sending information to USA Swimming. The Report of Occurrence is submitted any time there is an accident or injury during such USA Swimming activities as Sanctioned or Approved swim meets, swimming practices, contracted Swim-a-Thons or approved social events. The online form does require that certain sections, indicated by an asterisk, must be completed before it can be submitted. If you have any questions, please contact Mary Illich at (719) 866-3574 or Carol Burch in the Member Services Department at (719) 866-4578 or email, [email protected].

Click on the link below.   It is found on the USA Swimming website at:  Member Resources/Programs & Services/Insurance & Risk Management.


Note:  We strongly encourage everyone to begin using the online Report of Occurrence form now.  IF for some reason, someone has a problem accessing the form online, we have a downloadable form posted on the same insurance & risk management page under “Misc Insurance Documents and Forms.”  When a paper copy is submitted by fax or email, it will be hand entered into the Online database as this is the centralized database for all incident reports.


cc:  All USA Swimming member club’s