Inland Empire Swimming Records

(Work In Progress 8/25/2022)

New IE records do not become official until August 31st of the current swim year

  • Swimmers must reside in IE to obtain a record and meet other requirements in our Policies and Procedures.
  • IE recognizes record swims from sanctioned meets, time trials, exhibition swims, and relay lead-off times.
  • These times must be obtained from electronic timing systems and approved by meet referees.
  • No watch times are considered.

Short Course Yards | Long Course Meters

Hy-Tek Rec File (SCY) |  Hy-Tek Rec File (LCM)

Short Course Yards Records

8 and Under Athletes

9-10 Athletes

11-12 Athletes

13-14 Athletes

15-16 Athletes

17-18 Athletes

Senior (Open)

Long Course Meters Records