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US Center for SafeSport reporting line 833-5US-SAFE



SSRP Renewals: Safe Sport Club Recognition status expires after two years. Clubs coming up on their expiration can start preparing their application 2 months prior to expiration. For more information on how clubs renew, visit here

Pulled directly from the SSRP portal, here is measure “Board/Staff Membership (2)” with updated language to reflect the new requirement for certain individuals to be members of USA Swimming.

In effect as of January 1, 2022 - It is required that all adult employees and the board of directors of a club are non-athlete members of USA Swimming. This ensures that the individuals are background checked and have completed the Athlete Protection Training. Clubs must include a board/staff roster or a link to where this roster is posted on the team website.

·     Adult employees of USA Swimming, Local Swimming Committees (LSCs) and member clubs;

·     Adults serving on the board of directors of USA Swimming, LSCs and member clubs;

·     Individuals in a position of oversight over the operations of a member club;

·     Adults with an ownership interest in a member club;

·     Referees, starters, administrative officials, chief judges, stroke and turn judges; and

·     Other volunteers who interact directly and frequently with or have authority over athletes (as defined in the SafeSport Code for the Olympic and Paralympic Movement) as a regular part of their duties.

For institutionally-owned clubs (e.g., clubs owned by a YMCA, LifeTime Fitness, college/university, JCC, etc.), this applies only to:

·     The adult employees with direct oversight responsibilities over the club’s activities;

·     The adult employees who have direct club-related responsibilities and whose responsibilities are not to all others using the facility (e.g., this would not apply to a lifeguard assigned to the aquatics facility whose duties are related to all in the aquatics facility as opposed to only the member club athletes); or

·     The adult board members with direct governance/oversight responsibilities over the club’s activities.


***Should USA Swimming become aware that club staff and/or board members were not registered and have successfully completed all membership requirements, the club’s Safe Sport recognition status will be revoked until such time as this has been rectified.



At the IES Fall HOD a measure was passed that may impact your bidding and ultimately be able to be issued a sanction for meets in 2023. 
  • To be eligible to submit a bid a club must have started the Safe Sport Club Recognition Program (SSCR). 
  • To be issued a sanction a club must have achieved at least 49 points in the Safe Sport Club Recognition Program (SSRC). 
Please refer to USA Swimming Safe Sport Club Recognition site for detail on this program: Safe Sport Recognition Program



LIVE ZOOM Parent & Athlete Zoom Trainings View the training dates here: Training Opportunities Resource. All participants will need to register to attend training.  Please send this information to all your clubs.This continues to be what is holding clubs from being renewed or recognized. 


I am also willing and happy to do in person or zoom training with your teams if you find this option easier. Just let me know.


MEET 360

This is an informational resource guide intended to assist meet administrators in creating
a healthy and positive environment free from abuse for athletes. Please use this guide to:

Implement preventative Safe Sport measures before, during, and after a

Address Safe Sport concerns and reports that may arise.
Comply with the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.

The Meet Director, Meet Referee, and facility management shall work together to
ensure compliance with the USA Swimming Code of Conduct and Athlete Protection
Policies during USA Swimming sanctioned meets for the protection of athlete and non-athlete members of USA Swimming.





  • USA Swimming is committed to fostering a fun, healthy and safe environment for all of its members. For that reason, we have created a Safe Sport program. As part of this program, we have in place a detailed Code of Conduct. Our rules, policies, reporting structure, education and tools are intended to serve our members as we work together to maintain this environment. USA Swimming Safe Sport Home Page

    April Walkley, IE Safe Sport Chair







Required Athlete Protection Training
For all USA-S registered Non-athletes



Clean Sport



Code of Conduct


Model Code of Conduct: COACH

Model Code of Conduct: PARENT

Model Code of Conduct: ATHLETE

Model Grievance Procedure