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Hello and Happy February,

Great things are happening with Inland Empire Swimming Safe Sport.  

Is your club getting the benefit?

  • Have you checked out the NEW and IMPROVED LSC info and forms regarding Safe Sport on the IES web site? If not, please put that on your "to do" list for the coming week. Why?
    • So, you'll be familiar with what's there.  It will help you know where to turn for more information when you, or others, have questions that need to be answered.
    • So, when others come to you with questions, or you see things going on that you question, you'll know where to turn first to get more information!
    • To help you know what's there so you can encourage others in your club to use it. Without you, many won't know this terrific and easy to use resource exists!
    • To help make it better. We hope it becomes a "first stop" for people needing swimming safety and Safe Sport information. Did it give you what you needed? If not, let me know so I can add the info.
    • You can share anytime, ask your friends if they have visited the MAIN SAFE SPORT tab on the LSC Website?
    • Principle behind the web page: The more people who become aware of Safe Sport issues -- AND WHAT EACH CAN DO TO HELP -- the safer our athletes, and others will be. You can help to spread the word.


  • Does your club have a Safe Sport Ambassador?  If not, see if there's something you can do to help them have one next month.


  • Great news! In addition to the Tri City Channel Cats  who have already been acknowledged as a Safe Sport Recognized Program, 4 other IES clubs have begun the process!  Way to go IES!  We've got one of the highest percentages of clubs working on it in the country!  Keep up the great work.  Show your team parents and athletes that YOUR club is committed to athlete safety by becoming a Safe Sport Recognized Club.
    • Quick and easy tip:  Getting athletes and parents to take a Safe Sport training is required to become a Safe Sport Recognized Program. They are welcome to do this individually.  However, some teams make it an event and do it together as a team. (Some even serve pizza!) To get credit for all who attend, take roll at your event.  Then, email the names to [email protected].  (If you don't do this, you'll only get credit for the one person who logged into the system to view the event.)


  • Looking for a Safe Sport Monday scenario? Click for quick and easy access info and scenarios.


  • Looking to feature an athlete in the Safe Sport Newsletter?                            
  • Watch for FEB/MARCH NEWS! We will be featuring an athlete from CAST who has excelled out of the water as well! Don't miss it!

Do you have any ideas, questions or concerns about Safe Sport? Let's talk! You're welcome to email, call or text.  Have a great month and see you Saturday at Jr Champs. Stop by and visit the Safe Sport table!                  

April Walkley 509 220 7902 mailto:[email protected]


Volume 29

January 2019 Newsletter
This newsletter facilitates direct communication from the USA Swimming Safe Sport team and each of you. Information contained within will cover the current USA Swimming Safe Sport information. Please provide any feedback, comments or suggestions at [email protected] .
Thank You and Happy New Year!!!
As we start off a new year we want to thank all our Safe Sport volunteers and supporters for your continued support.  We truly value your efforts and share in your challenges and successes. Thank you for all the time and heart that you put into the Safe Sport cause in 2018 and we look forward to continue working with you in 2019!
Safe Sport Recognition Program
Congratulations to the teams that have achieved Safe Sport Club Recognition!!!!
Between the close of the USAS Convention and December 20, 2018 ten clubs have achieved Safe Sport Recognition. Well done! These teams are:
  • Lakeside Aquatic Team – LA
  • Lehigh Valley Aquatics – MA
  • Salt Lake Swim Legends – UT
  • Buffalo Area Aquatic Club – NI
  • The FISH – PV
  • Tri-City Channel Cats – IE
  • Sailfish Swim Team – NE
  • Elevation Aquatics – CO
  • Sarpy County Swim Club – MW
  • Paseo Aquatic Swim Team – CA
Thank you for your commitment to providing a safe, healthy, and positive environment at your clubs. Find more information about the Safe Sport Recognized Club Program at .
2019 Safe Sport Leadership Conference "360 °”
The 2019, Safe Sport Leadership Conference is quickly approaching, and registration is filling up! The event will be held January 31-February 1, 2019 in Colorado Springs, CO, and will feature:
  • A keynote presentation from the president and CEO of Darkness to Light, Katelyn Brewer.
  • Matthew Sandusky, who will share his story of survivorship.
  • Education and advocacy strategies from Safe Passage CAC and Kid Power.
  • A panel discussion.
  • An inspiring session on empowering youth from AHA!
Find more information and register here: