The Western Zone is comprised of seventeen (17) separate local swim committees (LSCs) located in the western quadrant of the United States. Click here for map of the various Zones and the LSCs within each Zone.  If you are interested in learning more about USA Swimming or becoming a member, once you determine which LSC you might be associated with from the map, you can click the Links tab above and then select the LSC Websites tab.  

Our Mission

To develop athletes, coaches and officials who exemplify the highest levels of sportsmanship, honesty and dedication in the pursuit of excellence

Our Vision
To be leaders within USA Swimming


Implement a Safe Sport environment at a meet can be simple using the following guide. Meet 360 is designed for meet hosts, meet directors, meet referees and meet organizers. This guide is intended to assist in creating a safe environment for all who attend, and will aid in implementing preventative Safe Sport measures before, during and after a meet, addressing Safe Sport concerns, and complying with the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.
Meet 360