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2022 WZ Age Group Championships

 Elkgrove, CA  August 3-6, 2022

Congratulations to the following athletes selected to the Oregon Swimming Western Age Group Zones Team! 

11-12  GIRLS 11-12  BOYS
Khloe Sautel
Hailey Brandvold
Madelyn Del Castillo
Fina Miret
Analeigh Mjelde
Naima Atay
Zayda Miehl
Cecily Coy
Ilona Weisz
Summer Whittle
Gwynn Postlewait
Alice Bowdle
Camdyn Stewart
Daphne Maruki
Gabriella Swannack
Seth Kugel
Henry McKnight
Aiden McArthur
Tyler Guenther
Junhua Wei
Coe Dauler
Adrian Gevorgian
Lucas Kugel
13-14  GIRLS 13-14  BOYS
Charlotte Ames
Helena Huettemeyer
Tia Chakrapani
Rowan Schmidt
Ana Maya
Malia McKeen
Malana Kollath
Zoe Chen
Lisette Soto
Stela Sufuentes
Jami Lee
Lauren Sexton
Piper Hire
Tessa Aberle
Bay Nason
Alex Vail
Koen Campos
Sylvan Schoenheit
Jarrod Coy
Kenji Kasubuchi
Jack Wroblewski
Victor Krautsov
Luca Ignatescu
Emerson Gatherum
Ethan Sommers

2022 Oregon Swimming LC Championships

10&U   July 9-10   Albany Community Pool
Ken Chard 
11&O  July 21-24 Mt Hood Aquatic Center
Judi Creech 

Additional documents(11&O):  Results with splits  High point winners  Team scores


2023 Registration

Many of you are aware that USA Swimming will have a new registration system coming online starting 9/1/2022. This system will be a major change in the way we register, but it will also align us with a modern system to handle things. Registrations for USA Swimming will now be done by the individual family (or member) directly with USA Swimming.


We will have many more details and a few webinars as it gets closer. Right now, LSC Registrars are testing the new system and some clubs are starting to help as well.

The most important aspect to be aware of is that USA Swimming will collect the fee for the USA Swimming membership. This will be done by electronic payment only. There will be no paper form, no batch files, and no checks.


Clubs should immediately begin separating any amount that they currently charge to cover this fee since it will be paid directly to USA Swimming. This includes the LSC fee. In addition, clubs that pay for non-athletes should begin implementing a process of reimbursement to their members.


We ask that you are patient as we finalize details and begin our communication and training over the next few months. If you have any questions please let us know.

The office will still be here to help guide and work with all of you as we navigate the new process!


Many of you received a letter of information from USA Swimming last week. Please see that additional information below.

USA Swimming Club Leaders, 


Starting in September, and coinciding with the membership year, USA Swimming will be moving member registration and renewals online. For the first time, USA Swimming’s new Online Member Registration (OMR) platform will allow all new and current members to complete their registration completely digitally.


Registration still starts with the swim club, as each club will have a personalized registration link to share with their existing and new members. Clubs will share their link with members of the team and when clicked, the system will automatically associate that registration to the club. Members cannot register for USA Swimming without their individual team link. The link can be sent directly to members or integrated as part of your team management software. Members will navigate the registration process digitally, entering the required USA Swimming information and any supplemental requirements for the team management software.


The first step in the registration process will require all users to set up their new USA Swimming Account. The links below show what that process will look like for parents and existing members:


How to Create an Account for Parents

How to Create an Account for Existing Members


All members and parents will be required to set up an account this year, but account and membership information will auto populate in future years for turn-key renewals. Once a member or parent sets up their account, they can continue with the registration process:


Online Member Registration


Members will complete the online registration process by paying their USA Swimming membership fee. LSCs may also opt in to having LSC fees collected at checkout. Collecting club fees will remain the responsibility of the club and can continue to be processed using team management software or existing processes.


While we recognize this is a significant shift to the USA Swimming registration process, there are equally significant advantages this offers our members:

  • Mobile-friendly registration process
  • Quick and easy renewals that align with the experience across most youth sports organizations
  • Immediate membership status upon registration, avoiding any lapses in insurance coverage and other membership benefits
  • Ability to directly update membership and contact information at any point via their USA Swimming Account. Thanks to a data transfer with team management software providers, updating contact information on the USA Swimming Account will automatically update information within team management systems.
  • Timely communications from USA Swimming detailing additional membership requirements and member resources


This is the first in a series of communications you will receive from USA Swimming detailing the new registration process for members, updated and additional functionality available to clubs, and the benefits available to members, clubs and LSCs.


To learn more about Online Member Registration and the new SWIMS database, visit the resource hubs on the USA Swimming website available at the links below:

Online Member Registration Page

SWIMS Resource Hub


The pages above will be updated frequently with user manuals, webinars and FAQs. Check back often to learn more and further familiarize yourself with the changes coming this Fall.


Any questions can be directed to [email protected]


2024 USA Swimming Olympic Time Trial Standards

 have been released!  You may find them here.


2022 WZ Senior Championship

SANCTIONED Meet Announcement * 2022 WZ Senior Championships - Clovis, CA (below)

TM Entry File for determining athlete eligibility ONLY (attached)

NO MEET CAP on entries 

All meet entries will be made through the USA Swimming Online Meet Entry platform (OME) 

Entries OPEN July 1, 2022 on OME 

Entries CLOSE July 18, 2022 @ 11:59 pm * see p2 for information on New Qualifying Swims July 18 - 24, 2022

Officials Needed! Please share online application HERE 

Meet event file can be found on the OSI calendar HERE


2021-2022 OSI Records

Broken in the last 30 days

Annemarie Vlaic (14) – LOSC

200 FL SCY Female 13-14 – 1:58.44
2022 OSI Senior Region XII Arena Championship 3/5/2022

Previous Record: 2021 Annemarie Vlaic 1:58.92

Sydney Wilson (16) – MAC

200 IM SCY Female 15-16 – 04:19.99
2022 OSI Senior Region XII Arena Championship 3/6/2022

Previous Record: 2019 Fay Lustria 4:20.00

Diggory Dillingham (16) – BEND

50 FR SCY Male  15-16 00:19.52  
2021 West Speedo Winter Junior 12/9/21

Previous Record: Casper Corbeau 20.14

50 FR SCY Male  Open 00:19.52
2021 West Speedo Winter Junior 12/9/21

Previous Record: 1988 Brent Lang 19.71 

50 FR LCM Male 15-16 00:22.78
2022 SE Tennessee LC Invitational  1/14/2022

Previous Record: 2011 Carson Brindle  23.42

Nick Simons (17) – LOSC

100 BA SCY Male 17-18 –  00:46.39
2021 West Speedo Winter Junior 12/10/2021

Previous Record: 2011 Jacob Pebley  47.34

200 BA SCY Male 17-18 –  01:40.78
2022 AZ Spring Speedo Sectional 3/26/2022

Previous Record: 2011 Jacob Pebley  1:40.79

100 BA SCY Open –  00:46.39
2021 West Speedo Winter Junior 12/10/2021

Previous Record: 2011 Jacob Pebley  47.34

200 BA SCY Male Open–  01:40.78
2022 AZ Spring Speedo Sectional 3/26/2022
Previous Record: 2011 Jacob Pebley  1:40.79

Charley Page-Jones (18) – TEAM

100 FLY SCY Male 17-18 –  00:47.40
2022 AZ Spring Speedo Sectional  03/26/2022

Previous Record: 2011 Neil O'Halloran  47.46

100 FLY SCY Open –  00:47.40
2022 AZ Spring Speedo Sectional  03/26/2022
Previous Record: 2011 Neil O'Halloran  47.46


2021-2022 Meet Schedule

The 2021-2022 meet schedule can be found here.


2022 USA Swimming/OSI Registration

Opens September 1, 2021

2022 Forms can be found below and on the Oregon Swimming website under Governance/Forms:

2022 Non-athlete application

2022 Athlete Application

2022 Flex Athlete Application

2022 Outreach Athlete Application

2022 Year Round Club Application


For those teams using Team Unify please note that since the merger with Sports Engine a login email change on your site will change the login email for any team that you might belong to on TeamUnify, GoMotion, or SportsEngine. The suggestion from Sports Engine is for Oregon Swimming teams to create a new account within our system using an email address that can be passed along as your registrar changes. ie [email protected]. This is not necessary if it is not causing a problem for your team but it may make it easier moving forward. Also note, OSI no longer has access as an account admin to update the user contact information for accounts within our system. If a personal email address was used to set up the team within our system and that person is no longer handling registrations for your team then a new account must be created. We will be scheduling 2 informational zoom meetings for 2022 club registrars. Details to follow soon!

FLEX Athlete Membership

 Flex members are eligible to compete in only two sanctioned competitions per registration year. Per USA Swimming rules: if a FLEX member is flagged on an exceptions report they must upgrade their membership prior to the meet or they should not be allowed to swim in the event.


APT: Athlete Protection Training 
The Center will be updating the APT courses (Core, R1, R2, and R3) on April 20. 
Two things to know:
1. The courses will be down that day.
2. Anyone who has a course in progress (ex: started Refresher 1, but didn’t finish it yet) will be forced to restart.
Starting April 1, USA Swimming will put a top-bar message up on Learn notifying users of this outage and encouraging them to finish what they’ve started.
Rules and Regulations Test AND Official Tests
The Rules and Regulations for Swim Coaches test will be unavailable from April 15-30. The officials’ online tests will also be unavailable on these dates. All of these tests will be updated to allow for the May 1st rule changes. There is no grace period for coaches; they cannot be on deck at practice or meets until they meet the education requirement. The Rules and Regulations for Swim Coaches test is part of the 2nd year coach membership requirement.

2021 Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies  

Sept 1, 2021 MAAPP 2.0 went into effect
Every USA Swimming club, Zone and LSC is required to implement the MAAPP in full.
Each club must yearly provide a copy of MAAPP 2.0 to members and maintain copies of agreement
from each family and each non athlete member.
MAAPP 2.0 MAAPP 2.0 Customizable use for your website and acknowledgment
SSRP Renewals
Safe Sport Club Recognition Status expires after two years. 
Extremely important to keep track of athletes turning 18.  They must take the APT training for adults and the training must register in SWIMS before the start of a meet.
Times CANNOT be added to SWIMS later. The times are FOREVER lost to the swimmer.




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