Marlins Win Madness!!

Kirby Schaufler
Apr 15, 2019

The Mighty Marlins scored 709 points to win their own Marlin Madness meet.  Many of their points came from very strong mixed relay teams composed of 2 girls and  2 boys each!  The meet overall awards were for swimmers competing in a sextathlon.  This is where swimmers swim 6 events and the swimmer with the fastest overall time for all six events is the winner.  The Mighty Marlins had numerous top 6 swimmers overall. For each age group here are the overall winners:

9 Girls - 3rd Maddie Kinsey, 4th Kaitlin Wegers / Boys -  2nd Cameron Leary

10 Girls - 2nd Sakura Gabor, 3rd Sarah Veazey, 4th Emma Betancourt, 6th Katherine Carlson / Boys - 3rd Lincoln Thompson

11 Girls - 4th Katelyn Darrah, 6th Natalie Bennett / Boys - 1st Coren Coe, 5th Riley Tallquist

12 Girls - 4th Nanko Kempma, 6th Amelia George / Boys - 1st Lucas Palmer, 4th Devyn Zurel, 5th Ryker Lichtenberg, 6th Allen Pringle

13 Girls - 5th Lorelei Pringle 

14 Girls - 3rd Sarah Fleischmann 

15 & Over Girls - 1st Madelynn Butler, 2nd Anna Veazey, 3rd Natalie Divita, 5th Katelyn Leary

15 & Over Boys - 1st Isaac Giordano, 2nd Nathan Fleischmann, 3rd Andrew Winquist, 4th Shaan Kumar, 5th Brandon Hanson,                                                     6th Caiden Zurel   (SWEEP!)

Way to go super, all around stars!

More photos: