Marlins Strong at June Jubilee

Kirby Schaufler
Jul 1, 2019

Sakura Gabor, Lucas Palmer, and Karlie Rimat led the way at the June Jubilee Meet in Federal Way.  Each swimmer had 3 victories and multiple other top 3 finishes.  Jetlynn Hau also had a win in the meet.  Other Marlins with top 16 finishes, scoring points for the Marlins, included: With 6 - Madelynn Butler, Katelyn Darrah, and Anna Veazey, 5 - Nathan Fleischmann, Lloyd Hau, Nanako Kempma, and Evan Wold, 4 - Coren Coe, 3 - Sarah Fleischmann, Isaac Giordano, Hallie and Maggie Higgins, Sarah Veazey, and Philip Wold, 2 - Calvin Higgins, and 1 - Shaan Kumar!

Way to go Marlins!

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