Evan Wold Leads Marlins at Winter Challenge!

Kirby Schaufler

Evan Wold hit his first Age Group Regional qualifying time of the season this weekend by swimming a quick 2:30.48 in the 200 butterfly.  The swim was 1 of 7 best times for Evan at the meet.  Sarah Fleischmann, Caiden Zurel and Devyn Zurel each chipped in 5 best times.  Emma Betancourt, Gweneth Canares, and Trevor Perkins had 4 best times each.  Sakura Gabor, Amelia George, Makenna George, Brie Thompson, and Liam Urie each had 2 best times, and Allen Canares, Alora DeVera, Nanako Kempma, Max Moore, Laura Winston, and Philip Wold each had 1 best time.  There was lots of good swimming by the Marlins coming off the winter =break!