Meet #2 a Big Success!

Kirby Schaufler

The Marlins again totalled massive numbers of best times at Intraquad Meet #2 at the WEST Pool! Maddie Kinsey and Lucas Palmer led the way with 6 best times each. Alora DeVera had 5 best times. Katherine Carlson, Coren Coe, Sarah Fleischmann, and Olivia Wiley had 4 each. Lloyd Hau, Taylor Kenoyer, Ryker Lichtenberg, and Laird Marlatt had 3 each. Marlins with 2 best times were: Katelyn Darrah, Erik Kristensen, Autumn Marlatt, and EmmaLee Stewart, and Nathan Fleischmann had 1 best time!

Way to get it going Mighty Marlins!