Magnificent Marlins Run Champs for PNS and Swim Too!

Kirby Schaufler

Thanks to the wonderful Marlin parents who ran nearly every important element of meet operations for the 13-14 PNS Champs Meet in Federal Way! They were on deck more than Kirby, or the swimmers. In the swimming realm, the Marlins competed in the 11-12 meet the week before with Angela Huang and Katherine Carlson representing the Marlins in fine fashion. Both competed well against a very strong field. 

At the 13-14 meet 4 Marlins swam. Natalie Bennett had best times in 4 of her 6 events, and Coren Coe, Katelyn Darrah, and Ryker Lichtenberg had best times in 3 events each. The meet culminated with Katelyn Darrah and Coren Coe making finals on the last day of competition.

It was great to get back in that great facility and see some really fast swimming! Way to go Marlins!

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