Week 39 (May 28-30)

Theme: To Breathe or Not to Breathe - That is the Question!

At some point in a race (over 50 yards) you need to breathe to replace your much needed oxygen.  However, how often you breathe and how efficiently you breathe is important.  The first stroke off the start, or a turn, should be an explosion of speed, and a big breathe at that point can kill your momentum.  So, we will work on not breathing off the walls, and breathing patterns, this week!

Week 38 (May 20-24)

Theme: Kick While You Swim!

Watching the meet this weekend, it occured to Andrew and me that swimmers need to kick when they swim.  Especially in need are the flutter kick on the free and back.  On the free, swimmers need to kick when they roll their body, and on the backstroke, we need to get our hips up and toes at the surface.  So, expect lots of kick without a board, done on your side!

Week 37 (May 13-17)

Theme: Pull Perfectly for Power and Efficiency!

If you are not pulling perfectly you are working harder, not more efficiently.  To get the most out of each stroke there are some key fundamentals that need to be followed.  We will work on those fundamentals this week!

Week 36 (May 6-10)

Theme: Perfection Week - A Josh Favorite!

Hey!  Lets do everything right.  Stroke drills only help if you do them right.  Turn practice only helps if you do them at full speed. The list never ends. 


Week 35 (Apr. 29 - May 3)

Theme: Breaststroke Pull, and Butterfly - The Whole Thing! 

In both the breaststroke pull and the butterfly stroke the key to power is getting your elbows up on the pull, and since breaststroke pull is just a shortened fly pull it makes sense to work them both together.  So, snake drill and breaststroke pull will be done often during this fun filled week!

Week 34 (Apr. 22-26)

Theme: What's More Important Than Kick in the Backstroke? - NOTHING!!

Great backstroke kick allows for great body position, and thus great arm pull in the backstoke!  So, we need to get our kicks off the bottom, and near to the surface so we can get that great body position.  It's time to work our core, to the core!

Week 33 (Apr. 15-19)

Theme: Hard Work - Long Term!

What we need now, and for the next several weeks, is good hard work to establish swimmer endurance.  We looked great this weekend.  Strokes were great, times were fast, and we were awesome!  So, what we need now is to get our muscles stronger so we can get faster.  This incudes all sorts of hard, but meaningful sets.

Week 32 (Apr. 8-12)

Theme: Turns, Kick, and Going Fast!

Marlins Madness is coming up.  So, we need to be ready to go fast in this festival of fun!  We also need to be efficient and use our legs, thus the kick and turns stuff!  Of course we need to continue to work hard to build our endurance!

Week 31 (Apr. 1-5) No Foolin'

Theme: Stroke Building and Hard Work, and Fun Too!

We have quite a few new people, either on the team, or changing groups.  So, we would like to get everyonre on board with our favorite stroke drills and some basic swimming fundamentals.  Don't worry we can still work nice and hard as we perfect our strokes!

Week 30 (Mar. 25-29)

Theme: Back to the Drawing Board!

Championship meets are not on tap until late July.  So, now is the time to build our base.  Hard work, followed by hard work, followed by hard work, is the key.  Make as many practices as possible so your body can get broken down, so it will respond by getting stronger!

Week 28 & 29 (Mar. 11-15) and (Mar. 18-22)

Theme: Fine Tuning!

Every little detail will be looked at these 2 weeks.  How tight your body is streamlined on a start, and coming off the wall in a turn, how many kicks you do off each turn, timing as you enter the turn and the finish, and more.  When we are done, our swimmers will be the quickest into, and the most powerfull off of, the walls - where many races are WON or lost!

Week 27 (Mar. 4-8)

Theme: Getting Race Ready!

Racing is all about attacking the entire race and burying the competition.  We will work on attacking various parts of races this week, culminating with attacking the ENTIRE race!

Week 26 (Feb. 25 - Mar. 2)

Theme: Let's Pull Some Water!

The whole key to fast swimming is getting hold of wtaer so that when you pull your arms back they make you go forward!  So, we will be doing drills to "catch" the water and then swimming sets focused on that pull.  Also, we want to get some yardage in, in our limited time.  Try to get to practice as often as you can with our unusual schedule!

Week 25 (Feb. 19-22)

Theme: Yardage and Stroke Technique!

It is kind of like starting the season. We want to make sure people are swimming with great technique and getting to practice it a ton.  So, drills, followed by sets utilizing those drills, will be the order opf the day!

Week 24 (Feb. 11-15)

Theme: What is Going on?

Somehow we, Northwest District One, were able to host the District 3A and 4A High School Champs.  No other District pulled it off.  However, we have not seen the pool in the morning since February first.  If we do get some swimming in this week we will simply try to get in as much yardage as possible so our bodies stay in great swimming shape!

Week 23 (Feb. 4-8)

Theme: Josh's Request - Perfection Week!

Every week should be perfection week.  You should always try to swim in practice with the same skills, focus, and technique as you do in a meet.  However, this week we just make it a little more fun if you don't!

Week 22 (Jan. 28 - Feb.1)

Theme: Backstroke Kick and Breaststroke Pull are the Keys to Inner Happiness!

The theme kind of says it all.  I saw way to many knees on backstroke, and wimpy pulls on breasstroke at our last meet.  So, we will be doing lots of those 2 things.  However, probably not at the same time!

Week 21 (Jan. 22-25)

Theme: Breathing is all in Your Head!

Yes, you breath using your mouth and nose, which are in your head.  However, when you breath is also in your head (Brain).  Also, you can control your breathing.  So, breathing patterns on the fly, free will be worked on as well as breathing stratagies for those events!

Week 20 (Jan. 14-18)

Theme: Pull, Pull, and More Pull!

It is easy to go slowly, not pull any water, and move your arms around in the water.  However, to go fast you need to pull lots of water with every stroke.  So we will work on pulling efficiently this week and then we will challenge swimmers to pull fast on a tough interval. Another "FUN" week in Marlin Town!

Week 19 (Jan. 7-11)

Theme: The More the Merrier!

Finally we have a full week to really get in shape.  How much, and how hard, you swim over the next 2 months will determine how well you do in all the championship meets coming in late February and March.  Plan to come as much as possible and plan ahead!  If you have something you need to attend, or homework to do, get it done ahead of time so you can get to practice.  If you normally come Tuesday but can't, come Wednesday!  If you make the effort to get to the pool, stay for 2 hours!  By the way, we will be doing hard sets all week to help you as well.  Well, I have run out of ways to say -

"The More You Swim the Faster You Get"!

Week 17&18 (Dec. 26 - Jan. 4 )

Theme: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Stronger!

With only 2 practices this week and 3 next week we need to get in lots of yardage to keep our aerobic base!  With that in mind expect distance swims with extra challenges thrown in just for fun!

Week 16 (Dec. 17-21)

Theme: Kick!

Wees Gonna do alot ah kick!

Week 15 (Dec. 10-14)

Theme: Prepare to Race! Focus on Technique!

The Marlins also do great at championship meets because we are always well prepared.  Notice last weekend!  This week we will be preparing for Washington State Champs!  And, we will be ready!

Week 14 (Dec.3-7)

Theme: Fine Tuning

We always do well at championship meets because we know how to prepare. We will be preparing this week by doing everything perfectly. We will work walls, are technique, kick, and all other facets of great swimming! Be prepared to be awesome!

Week 13 (Nov 26-30)

Theme: A Tale of Two Workouts!

PNS Champs swimmers still need a week of hard work. However, for some swimmers, Divisional Champs will be their biggest meet before the holidays. So, you will see two distinctively different workouts. One focused on increasing endurance and one focused on technique and racing. Both will be amazing fun!

Week 12 (Nov. 19-23)

Theme: We all need a little something!

We all need hard work still this week. But, some need to work their speed for the 1650, and some need to work their dolphin kick off the wall, and some need to work the balk half of their 200 IM. You get the idea. 6 different things in 6 different lanes could happen. Be ready for anything and everything

Week 11 (Nov. 13-16)

Theme: Backstroke is Back

Nothing is more obvious than a poorly timed backstroke turn, or legs dragging on the bottom during the backstroke swim. We have seen both of these too much lately, So, it’s time for backstroke week! Get ready at home by walking backwards everywhere you go!

Week 10 (Nov. 5-9)

Theme: Going the Distance!

Great swimmers can swim well in distance events as well as sprints.  So, this week we will practice on distance events, and consequently, our swimmers will all swim great at the end of their 100's and 200's!

Week 9 (Oct. 29 - Nov. 2)

Theme: Leg Burn!

Sometimes you just need to do lots of kick!  That way your legs can be strong so you can run away from Zombies on Wednesday!  Don't forget Pumpkin Relays on Tuesday!

Week 8 (Oct. 22-26)

Theme: Attack the start of a 200!

We had lots of swimmers swim great last 50's of the 200 free, and great breaststroke and freestyle in the 200 IM!  However, to swim really well in those races you need to really attack the first half of the race.  So, we will be doing sets to emphasize attacking the fly and back in the IM and attacking the first 100 of the 200's!

Week 7 (Oct. 15-19)

Theme: Distance Per Stroke!

To swim well you need an efficient pull.  That means getting your elbows up throughout the pull to maximize the surface area your arms are pulling with.  To do this we will do lots of 1 arm stuff, and we may even break out the hand paddles for some pulling fun!

Week 6 (Oct. 8-12)

Theme: Just Plain Hard Work!

Sometimes it is time to work so hard that your body is forced to adapt.  That is how you gain endurance and strength.  This is that time.  So, expect hard sets, and plan to work until you are purple, to make them.  

Week 5 (Oct. 1-5)

Theme: In to, and out of, the Wall!

Turns are more than turns.  They are how you attack the wall to finish a length, and how you go off the wall.  We will work on those facets of starting, turning, and ending a swim!

Week 4 (Sept. 24-28)

Theme: Perfection!

We are doing challenging sets to work hard.  However, if you swim the sets sloppy it does no good.  So, we will make sure sets are well done before we count them as "done"!

Week 3 (Sept. 17-21)

Theme: Kick and Kick Outs!

Kick is key for body position so the arms can do what they should.  So, we need to kick consistently whenever we swim.  The kick-out, and following breakout, can get the kick going right off the wall.  So, we will work those 2 skills hand in hand, or should I say foot in foot!

Week 2 (Sept. 10-14)

Theme: Fun With Turns and Drills!

The best way to practice turns is to do them well every time you swim anything in practice.  So, we will make our turns great this week and keep them great all year.  As for drills.  The Marlins have great strokes because of the drills we do.  So if we get them perfected this week anytime we include drills in a set you will do them right!

Week 1 (Sept. 5-7) 

Theme: Let's Get This Party Started!

We saw a lot of positive energy and excitement at the end of last year!  So I know you can't wait to swim really hard sets!  However, we will start with sets to work on making your strokes efficient and effective, so that all our hard work will pay off!