Week 35 (May 16 - 20) 

Theme: Endurance and Streamlines, and Back Turns, Oh My!

I love when we have swim meets because I can see, in great detail, what we need to work on. Our bigger swimmers need work on endurance, our younger Marlins need work on streamlines off the wall, and backstroke turns! So, 200's plus for our older swimmers and backstroke counting and turns for our younger swimmers will be the order of the day!

Week 34 (May 9 - 13) 

Theme: Off the Wall!

I am not just talking about your social behavior, I am more interested in your swimming when you push off the wall. Turns can give you such an advantage in a race if you do them well, and we have swim meets the next 3 weekends. So, expect lots of off the wall behavior, and utilizing it during swimming sets.

Theme: Off Track, Back on Track!

Now that track is over for many of you, let's get back on the right track by swimming every day! We will track your progress as you get back onto the track to success. Summer is coming soon with long course meets. To succeed in those you must train lots to be able to finish those 200's strong! So get back on track, don't slack, and get back, you can hack - it!

Week 32 (Apr. 25 - Apr. 29) 

Theme: Friday is a Weekday!

We love seeing all of you when you come to practice. We would love to see you every day, including Friday! Anyway! We need to continue to do tough sets on intervals we can barely make! So, expect tough sets on tough intervals. Kick your own butt and take your own name!

Week 31 (Apr. 18 - Apr. 22) 

Theme: Major Stroke Mash Up!

We tend to do lots of IM stuff at practice. That's why we have so many good IMers on the team. This week however, we plan to beat you to death with your best stroke (Non-Freestyle of course). Come ready to spend most of your day on your back if you are a backstroker, metamorphasize if you are a butterfly, and make croaking noises if you are a breaststroker. Remember, if you have to ask, you are a butterflyer!

Week 30 (Apr. 11 - Apr. 15) 

Theme: Get Back at it!

We are all well rested after break, so let's get back to a regular routine! Remember "The More you Swim the Faster you Get", so we will be doing distance stuff this week. Be prepared to swim sets, challenge yourself, and never stop!!

Week 29 (Apr. 4 - Apr. 8) 

Theme: Snohomish or Bust!

MP is closed during Spring Break! So, hop on your scooter, join a wagon train, hike, bike, or run, but get yourself to Snohomish pool from 5:30-7:00 am every day this week! You'll be glad you did!

Week 28 (Mar. 28 - Apr. 1) 

Theme: Guess what? Long Course season is still upon us. So: Long Course Season is Upon Us!

Great swimming this weekend by the way! Starting in late April, most of our meets will be Long Course (Swum in a 50 meter pool). With that in mind, it is time to swim lots of 75's, 125's, and 250's! Over distance means great finishes in Long Course pools!! 

Week 27 (Mar. 21 - 25) 

Theme: Long Course Season is Upon Us!

 Starting in late April, most of our meets will be Long Course (Swum in a 50 meter pool). With that in mind, it is time to swim lots of 75's, 125's, and 250's! Over distance means great finishes in Long Course pools!!

Week 26 (Mar. 14 - 17) 

Theme: 35 Swimmers at our Meet = Meet Prep!

 Preparing for a meet really happens at every practice. However, there are things we can do to make sure everything goes great at a meet for our swimmers. Practicing starts and turns is a must, but we also need to practice race fundamentals and do speed work. So, expect a variety of meet prep activities.  Also, loading the pink flamingos into my bag is crucial!

Week 25 (Mar. 7 - Mar. 11) 

Theme: Intervals at the Edge of Insanity!

 Now that our strokes are honed to perfection, we can work on challenging our limits. This week we will try to create intervals that you will only make if you bust your own gizzard! It is time to rise to the challenge!

Week 24 (Feb. 28 - Mar. 4) 

Theme: Marlins Stroke Drills Equals Marlin Magic!

 We have several stroke drills we rely on in Marlin Town for success! That is why our swimmers are always famous for having beautiful strokes! So, this week we will do stroke drills. However, it is up to each and every swimmer to apply those drills to the sets we swim! That will lead to strokes that are Marlin Magnificent!!

Week 23 (Feb. 21 - 25) 

Theme: Practicing Hard Feels Soooo Goood!

 Challenging yourself to swim faster and make harder time intervals is just plain fun!! Since there is no more Olympic Curling on TV, you can now focus 100% of your energy on swimming. Come often, and on time, to get the most out of your experiene.

Week 22 (Feb. 14 - 18) 

Theme: Get Back at it With the Marlins!

 I happen to see both the 3A and 4A District Swim Meets at Snohomish this weekend. Some Marlins swam great!! We would like to welcome all the Marlins back that were swimming HIgh School, with some really fun practices. Taper! What's a taper?

Week 21 (Feb. 7 - 11) 

Theme: Don't Stop - Don't Stop the Swimming!

 We did pre-meet warm up last week and it begins with a 500 free. How many times should you stop during a 500 free? Zero!!!! It's a 500 FREE! This week we will concentrate on swimming the entire distance of a swim with all flip turns, and no stopping!

Week 20 (Jan. 31 - Feb. 4) 

Theme: What's Warm Up?

 We had some really good swims this weekend. However, since many of our swimmers are new to meets with us, some seemed confused about warm up! So, this week we will be doing 2 things each day. We will go over 2 good drills to do to fine tune each stroke. Also, we will be doing pre-meet warm up each day! For Seniors: 500 free, 400 IM - drill a 50 swim a 50 of each stroke, and a 200 IM kick, then 4 x 50 build up as a group. For juniors: 300 free, 200 IM - 25 drill,  25 swim of each stroke, 100 IM kick, then 4 x 50 build up as a group. After the build ups as a group, we will do turns and starts as pool space allows!

Week 19 (Jan. 24-28) 

Theme: Race Ready!

 Yes we have a meet coming up! So we want to be race ready. Does that mean we do starts and turns the entire time at every practice? Duh NO! But it does mean we will do a few turn drills and then do swimming sets where you will be expected to apply those drills by doing exceptional turns the entire time!

Week 18 (Jan. 17-21) 

Theme: Down and Dirty Two! (The Sequel)

 Again we want you to accept the challenge of making faster intervals! The key difference in the sequel is that we will do lots more kick and pull this week!

Week 17 (Jan. 10-14) 

Theme: Down and Dirty!

 How low can you go, How low can you go!  No, we are not doing the limbo!  We are however, going to challenge ourselves with sets that have intervals that get faster and faster! The goal is to kick your own butt, and take your own name, and make the intervals!

Week 16ish (Jan. 3-7) 

Theme: New Year's Resolution Time!

 I made a New Year's Resolution to never make a New Year's Resolution. And, in doing so, I broke my own resolution. So, what you should do this year is resolve to go to every practice you are committed to. If your plan is to come Mon., Wed., and Fri., then come those days. Don't decide that today I am a little tired, or I want to go to dinner with my family. Arrange it so you can make the days you are committed to! Treat swim practice as a part of your day, not an option! We look forward to seeing you all lots this year!!

Week 15 (Dec. 13-17) 

Theme: Giving Makes you Feel Good Inside!

Give yourself a present by getting better at swimming this week! Do so by embracing the coaching you are given. Listen to it, absorb it, and apply it, and the present will be all yours in the form of greater success in swimming!

Week 14 (Dec. 6-10) 

Theme: Focus, Focus, Focus!

More of the same! Time to prepare for Championship Meets with Prelims and Finals at Federal Way! Some Marlins will be in Federal Way each of the next 3 weekends. So, some people still need to work hard to build endurance, and some need to work the details, and the way to improve details is to FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS, while you are swimming!

Week 13 (Nov. 29 - Dec. 3) 

Theme: Rise to the Occasion!

It is finally time to prepare for Championship Meets with Prelims and Finals at Federal Way! Some Marlins will be in Federal Way each of the next 3 weekends. So, some people still need to work hard to build endurance, and some need to work the details so they can represent the Marlins in Mighty fashion in Federal Way!

Week 12 (Nov. 22-26) 

Theme: Don't be a Turkey!

First of all Turkeys get eaten this week, and secondly they can't swim very well! Turkeys don't attend swim practice. So, swim all the practices available to you this week since "The More You Swim, The Faster You Get!"

Week 11 (Nov. 15-19) 

Theme: Work your Walls!

No, it is not exactly the same thing as turns. It is more about accelerating into your turns, accelrating out, streamlining, and the key, Doing it all the time in practice!


Week 10 (Nov. 8-12) 

Theme: Finish Strong!

A great 75 fly is nothing to write home to mom about! So, we will be doing over distance this week, to try to improve our last 25 of our races! Lots of 125's and 250's. Sounds like fun! Huzzah!

Week 9 (Nov. 1-5) 

Theme: Get the Most from Your Turns!

Working on turns does not mean spending the whole practice standing on the hump and doing turns against the bulkhead. It does mean doing a drill, or 2, to help yu focus on key aspects of turns, and then having you focus on quality turns while you do challenging swimming sets!!

Week 8 (Oct. 25-29) 

Theme: Get the Most from What you Have!

Without Fridays we need to pound it even harder Monday - Thursday! So, we will be doing less stroke work this week, and more challenging you to make tough sets on tough intervals. That's how your body adapts. By doing things that force your body to realize it has to step up the game!


Week 7 (Oct. 18-22) 

Theme: Breaststroke is the Best Stroke????

Josh wants the theme to be Better Breaststroke. However, I don't think I could survive a week where all we do is breaststroke. My knees would be injured just watching it. So, we will focus on both short axis strokes, the breaststroke and the all important, special, and wonderful BUTTERFLY!!!!

Week 6 (Oct. 11-15) 

Theme: Perfect World!

In a perfect world, everyone would swim every set in practice, make the interval, and be happy about it! So, this week is about creating my perfect world. Everyone shows up to every practice they are committed to, they swim every set, and they say at the end "That was great, I had to work hard to make the interval, but I did it!".

Week 5 (Oct. 4-8) 

Theme: Listen, Focus, and Swim!

Nothing is more fun than completing a hard swimming set and doing it all well! To do so you need to know what the set is. So, focus and listening will be our keys for this week! When the set is announced, put on your goggles, get ready for action, and commit to completing the set to the best of your ability.

Week 4 (Sept. 27 - Oct. 1) 

Theme: Perfection Week!

The way you swim in practice is usually the way you will swim in a meet. So, great swimming in practice means great swimming in meets. We will drive this thought home with a wonderful round of re-doing sets that are not "Perfect"!

Week 3 (Sept. 20-24) 

Theme: Turns and Brushing Your Teeth!

You have a chance to practice your turns every time you swim in practice. This week we will go over the fundamentals of turns, and it is up to you to practice those fundamentals every time you swim anything longer than a 25 in practice. About brushing your teeth: You don't skip doing that because you have a birthday party to go to, or you have a test at school. So, If you are planning to swim every morning, or whatever you plan to do, don't miss practice. Make it a part of your daily routine. You will be glad you did!

Week 2 (Sept. 13-17) 

Theme: Fun with Fundamentals

All the things that make it easy to swim fast will be emphasized this week! Great streamlines, efficient pull, kick using your core, will all be worked on! You will finish this week as a better swimmer!


Week 1 (Sept. 7-10) 

Theme: Let's Get This Party Started!

We saw a lot of positive energy and excitement at the end of last year!  So I know you can't wait to swim really hard sets!  However, we will start with sets to work on making your strokes efficient and effective, so that all our hard work will pay off!

Don't forget to encourage your friends to tryout during Free Trial Week Sept. 13-17. See the information on the "Events" tab. $10.00 Starbucks gift card if you get someone to join.