The Gold group is for swimmers who are legal in all 4 strokes and working towards SoCal's WAG, JAG, & JO times. This group will continue working on stroke mechanics, aerobic & sprint development, pace clock reading, compete in USA Swimming's IM Xtreme Challenge, kicking, and start/turn efficiency. 

Requirements: To be in the Gold group, a swimmer must be able to meet the following:

- Must be legal in all 4 strokes

- Must have a minimum of 1 Blue Time and 3 Red Times in other strokes. 

- Must be able to do 3 sets of 10 pushups with proper form.

- Must be able to commit to a minimum of 4 practices per week

- Must attend meets at least 1x per month

- Must be able to make 10x50 Free on 1:00 (3-kick switch)

- Must be able to read a pace clock (know when to leave the wall)

Practice Attendance:  

  • Minimum 4x per week, 5-6x is recommended.

Competition: 1x per month, but expect to be available for relays at Championship meets, like WAGS (December), Eastern Committee Championships (February), Spring JO (March), JAGS (June), Summer JO (July).

Practice times:  

  • Monday-Friday: 6:00-7:30pm
  • ​Saturday: 8:00-9:30am

Required equipment:


*Note: If you run into issues with the Team Supplier site (asking for log-in and password)  use the following:

Username:  mesa

Password:  mesaswim1

Speedo Fins

Speedo Junior Kickboard

Speedo Goggles (Boys - Junior Sized) - Speedo Goggles (Girls - Junior Sized)

Speedo Goggles (Boys - Standard Sized) - Speedo Goggles (Girls - Standard Sized)

Water bottle

Team Silicone Cap - Contact Apparel Coordinator @ [email protected]

For those with a lot of hair, here is a swim cap for you:  Speedo Long Hair Silicone Cap

Girls Competition suit (MESA Logo - Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker   No MESA Logo - Speedo PowerPlus Kneeskin

Boys Competition suit (MESA Logo - Speedo Aquablade Brief  MESA Logo - Speedo Aquablade Jammer

Girls Practice suit (Speedo Solid Endurance - Thin Strap) (Speedo Solid Endurance Super Proback - Thick Strap

Boys Practice suit (Speedo Solid Endurance Brief) (Speedo Solid Endurance Jammer)

Parka (MESA Logo with Swimmer's Name - Speedo Parka)...this is GREAT for winter months!


  • Most swimmers will use size 0.0 (sometimes referred as #00)
  • Swimmers with larger hands, could end up using 0.5 (sometimes referred as #05)
  • Goal:  Paddle no larger than 1/2" beyond fingertips

Speedo - Pull Buoy

Time Standards