USA Swimming: All swimmers must register or re-register with USA Swimming. The annual fee for USA Swimming is $70.00 per swimmer, and is due upon joining the team and all renewals are due in October. This fee goes directly to USA Swimming to cover swimmers in the event of an accident. MESA does not retain any of this fee.

New Registrations: Dues pro-rated 50% for new members joining after 15th of month. Before the 15th, full monthly dues apply. MESA offers a discount program for families of multiple swimmers, and caps all family accounts at $240.00

Monthly Dues: Dues are due on the first of the month and late after the 5th of every month. Monthly dues are not prorated and are not based on attendance of the swimmer or pool availability. If the swimmer chooses not to practice, full dues payment is still expected. If a swimmer is going to be absent for an extended amount of time, families may request a leave of absence for that swimmer.(Please see Leave of Absence Policy below) MESA encourages all swimmers to practice as much as possible every month to build their skills and drop their times.

Family Meet Fund: Each swim team in the area hosts 1 or 2 swim meets per year as part of their obligation to SCS. When MESA holds a home meet, each family will be invoiced $25/family for the meet funding. This money goes toward paying for our home meets - admin, paying officials, facility usage, awards, etc. This fee will be charged on the 1st of the month in which the home meet will be held.

Seasonal Family Registration: All MESA families are invoiced a $120 seasonal family registration fee for membership in MESA Aquatics. This registration fee will be broken into two separate payments of $60. The first payment is due at the beginning of our long course season, March 1st, and the second is due at the beginning of our short course season, September 1st.

Autopay: Members may input their credit/debit card information to the Team Unify system, and will be debited on the 1st of each month for all dues  outstanding on their account. Meet fees are automatically charged to the card on file when the meet fees are invoiced.

Late Fee: All past due accounts will be charged a $25.00 late fee. An account is considered past due when a previously invoiced balance is outstanding after the 5th of the month.

Non-sufficient Funds Fee: Members will be liable for a $12.00* bank fee for any check returned for non-sufficient funds. *This is the current rate the bank charges MESA for returned checks. Bank fees are subject to change.

Declined Credit Cards: Members will be charged a $25 fee for all Autopay credit cards that are declined.

Meet Fees: Meet entry fees will be invoiced to each members account once the final meet entry is available.These fees are non refundable once the meet file is accepted by the host team, (usually about a week before the meet)   Families on Autopay will be debited automatically when meet fees are invoiced to the account. Meet fees that are delinquent may cause a swimmer to have their meet eligibility suspended until their account is current.

Payments made by check: If paying by check, it is acceptable to issue one check for all balances due to MESA Aquatics that are outstanding on your account. Please use the "memo" section of your check to indicate what your payment covers.

Payments made by cash: If paying by cash, please place your payment in an envelope with your swimmer's name and indicate what your payment covers.

Mailing Address: MESA Aquatics, PO Box 822, Murrieta, CA 92564

Leave of Absence: In the event a swimmer needs to take a leave of absence for the team for any reason, the coach AND the accounts manager must be notified by the 15th of the month prior to the leave of absence. All outstanding balances must be paid prior to going on LOA, or the system will automatically charge late fees on unpaid balances. If a swimmer needs to take a LOA while the roster is on a wait list, then one half of a months dues must be paid to hold their spot.

Past Due Accounts: Effective January  1, 2017, all accounts over $300.00 and/or are 60 days past due will no longer be able to use the electronic meet entry feature to enter their swimmers in meets. Member will need to use entry card found under the documents tab at the top of the home page. In addition, repayment schedule must be arranged with the Treasurer within 2 weeks of being notified of a delinquent account. Repayment schedule must be honored, and paid in addition to monthly charges.  The goal is to bring the account to zero as quickly as possible and to pay in full each month thereafter.  Habitual late payments may mandate the account holder to enroll with Auto Pay and remain on Auto Pay for the remainder of their membership with MESA Failure to honor the repayment schedule will result in the swimmers removal from the roster until all outstanding charges are paid in full. If the roster is full, swimmer will be placed at the top of the wait list once account balance is zero. Additionally, MESA Aquatics coaches will not provide private lessons for swimmers while their member account is in arrears.

Please be advised that USA Swimming may uphold any and all debts owed to a prior club as a condition for future eligibility status.