Service Hours are a necessary part of being on the swim team. MESA Aquatics requires 36 service hours per calendar year, January - December, from each member family.  Included in the 36 yearly service hours are mandatory hours required for each of our MESA hosted swim meets.

Families on our Water Polo/Swimming program are only required to work the mandatory meet hours at meets their swimmer attends.





Home meets represent one of our largest fundraisers every year. Meets only run smoothly when we have everyone contributing their time.


  • A service hours sign-up sheet will be posted on the MESA website.
  • An email will be sent to each family reminding them to sign up for their mandatory hours.



Tri-Meets will have a Minimum of 2 service hours for all MESA Families and a $50 fine for families who don’t complete their time

Committee Meets

Minimum equal to 2 hours per session for all MESA families and a $25 fine for each hour you are short.  Committee Meets are 1 to 5 sessions long. (2 - 10 service hours)

Championship Meets

Minimum equal to 2 hours per session for all MESA families and a $25 fine for each hour you are short.  Championship Meets are 6 to 7 sessions long.  (12 - 14 service hours)



  • Fees will be due on member accounts the 1st of the following month 
  • No reduction will be made to the yearly 36 service hours – the fine is for not working service hours – it is not a buyout of service hours
  • Service hours worked at MESA meets will be deducted from the yearly 36 service hours needed per family.
  • Unworked yearly service hours will be charged $25 per hour on January 1sst of the following year.
  • Families must contact the MESA secretary in advance about their inability to work hours at a MESA meet – an exemption of hours and fees will be discussed by the board on a case by case situation.
  • Members who join after January of any given year may have their mandatory yearly service hours reduced by 3.0 hours a month for every month they were not a member.  For this to happen – you must attend the MESA Aquatics new member orientation meeting.
  • MESA’s Team management software is set to bill member accounts $25 per hour for every hour you fall short of the mandatory yearly service hours.


Volunteering AT PRACTICE:


  • All MESA volunteer time is tracked and credited within the Team Unify software using the job sign-up feature found on the MESA Aquatics website. Volunteer hours will also be deducted from your mandatory yearly 36 service hours. 
  • Typical jobs are:
    • EZ-UPS to and from away meets (1 hour for each EZ-UP)
    • Timing Manager (You may still be required to complete a timing shift)
    • Hot Chocolate **During cold weather months only**
    • Lane Lines and Pool Covers (when required by Drop Zone Management)
    • Various other volunteer opportunities will be listed from time to time, and each one will have an associated time credit.


Timing At Away Meets:


  • Timing is required by Southern California Swimming at all meets and does NOT count as a part of your mandatory service hours. We are assigned timing chairs based on the number of MESA swimmers attending a meet.
  • If you have a timing request you must notify the MESA timing manager before the timing roster is sent to families.  Note: Requests can only be for one of the days your child is scheduled to swim.
  • As soon as possible before the meet, you will receive an email with the timing assignments. 


  • To fulfill your responsibility as a timer, members must either complete their assigned block of time or find a suitable replacement to take their place. (Timers must be 13 years of age or older).


  • If your swimmer has finished his/her events and you are scheduled to time, you must remain at the meet until you have fulfilled your timing obligation.


  • If you fail to complete your timing obligation, you will receive an email warning for your first offense. Recurring offenses will result in a $25 fine per timing assignment not completed.