Diversity & Inclusion Camp - Olympian Cullen Jones!

Jason Davis

2019 Southern California Swimming and Commerce Aquatics’

October 19th and 20th, 2019 Commerce, CA


Fundamental Objectives and Purpose of the Camp: The purpose of the camp is to create an atmosphere of motivation and educational opportunities for athletes of underrepresented cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic groups to develop the necessary leadership skills to achieve excellence in their sport and their home communities.


Athlete Application

Athletes’ birthdays must be between the dates of October 19, 2004-October 19, 2007 and cannot have attended a National Diversity Select Camp, Western Zone Diversity Select Camp or a previous Southern California Diversity and Inclusion Camp.


Qualification Standards

Any USA Swimming registered athlete member who meets the qualification time standards (as listed below), has not previously attended a D&I Select Camp and represents an ethnically underrepresented population that is less than 10% of the current USA Swimming membership. These populations can include: African American, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, Native American, and others (i.e. LGBTQ, other). As an added component, 20% of applicant pool will be chosen from Outreach membership applicants.



Brenda Villa Aquatics Complex: 5600 Harbor St, Commerce, CA 90040



$30.00 Cash or check made payable to Southern California Swimming (memo: D&I)


Camp Schedule: October 19, 2019 – October 20, 2019

1.5 day camp itinerary included at the end of the athlete application. Please note: Parent participation and lunch provided for parent/guardian and athlete on Sunday, October 20, 2019. Camp itinerary will include a combination of pool training, motivational and education session and team building activities.


Camp Staff

The camp staff will be selected from accomplished multicultural candidates from across SCS and include a head coach, assistant coaches, athlete representatives, Olympian and SCS Board Representative.

Equipment to be Brought From Home

Any necessary swim equipment, multiple changes of clothes/towels, water bottles.


Equipment and Provisions provided by Camp Staff

Camp tee shirt and swim cap

Lunch will be provided each day of camp (Saturday 19: Athletes only, Sunday 20: Athletes and Parent/guardian).

Snacks will be provided throughout both days.page2image1778903856

Water will be provided on deck.


Application Due Date

September 20, 2019


Parent Participation

Parents are allowed to sit ONLY on the upstairs viewing platform during all pool sessions. Due to space limitations for the athlete campers, we will not be able to accommodate parents in the multi-purpose room. Parents are asked to participate in an activity on Sunday, 10/20/19 at 10:30a and join their athletes for lunch immediately following the activity.