Positive Attitude - Every day, every set, every lap, every turn, every stroke is a new opportunity to be better. No matter the circumstance(s), everything put before us is a new opportunity. Swimmer is coachable, i.e. – receives feedback well and uses it to fuel the desire to improve.

Discipline - Discipline as we define it is: "Doing what you need to do, when you need to it, the way it’s supposed to get done."  Most people do enough to "get by" or survive. We want people who do more than "getting by." Having the discipline to do everything the best, is extremely difficult to maintain physically and mentally. Those that can maintain a high level of discipline, never letting "complacency" take hold, will always out perform those around them in the long run. This mindset moves past mediocrity and into "what it takes to be successful." When you know something is supposed to get done, can you get it done when others are doing something else? On the flip side, when you're doing something you know you shouldn't be doing, can you make yourself not do it anymore and do what's supposed to get done?

Commitment - Are you committed to having a positive attitude? Are you committed to excellence and being better than "mediocre"? Are you committed to learning more about your stroke technique, race pace strategy, energy systems, physiological makeup, etc... Commitment is not just an attendance issue, though it is part of "The Process". .  Commitment starts with your mindset. Every day, you have to make a commitment to "The Process".  Every set, every lap, every stroke, and every turn, you have to make a commitment to doing better than your best. What do you do with your time? Do you spend your time or invest your time? Spending time = talking while coach is talking, playing video games on a Saturday morning instead of going to practice, watching tv instead of studying for school.  Investing time = listening to coach, trying to understand the wisdom/teachings being imparted upon you, going to Saturday morning practice, studying for school/piano/etc...instead of watching tv, playing video games, etc...

Pride in Performance - Are you happy with your performance at a meet, the way you swam a set, the way you did your pushups, the way you mentally prepared for a race, the way you pushed off every wall, etc...? Pride in performance means taking ownership in your performance, reevaluating where you see opportunity to make improvements, and always striving for better than before!

Team - How much do you care about the TEAM? Do you care if the TEAM finishes last, behind a rival, or a few points shy of 1st place? Do you care if the team doesn't send swimmers to college on a scholarship? Do you care if others don't follow "The Process"? It is said there is no 'i' in TEAM....but there is an 'i' in WIN. You have to take care of the things you need to do, in order to be successful. You also need to call out mediocrity from other teammates, hold teammates accountable to calculating the correct interval, counting the correct number of laps, pushing off at the correct time, swimming with proper technique, taking every dryland workout seriously, and so on.... Without teammates to hold you accountable, mediocrity/complacency will set in and "The Process" will fail.