Rattler Swim Club Registration 2022-2023

Open for Returning Members

9/1/22 - 8/31/23

Open for New Members

9/1/22 - 8/31/23


Welcome to a new year of RATTLER SWIM CLUB!  Thank you for being part of our great organization.  Without your individual participation, work ethic, commitment, and volunteerism, we wouldn't be able to offer the great programming we have currently.  

We are all excited to kick off another season. This year we look forward to continued growth, and hiring additional staff, so your children get the high level of coaching that Rattler has a reputation for. 

From a coaching perspective, we have a unified philosophy of attention to detail with both stroke technique and training.  We continue to strive to help each swimmer become the best PERSON they can be.  The success rate is obvious when we look proudly at our many successful alumni.

The month of September is when we open our registration to returning swimmers and welcome new members to the team.  There are several key items that we would like to point out:

  1. Annual Family Registration Fee is $100 and includes a team t-shirt and swim cap for every swimmer
  2. All swimmers are required to have a USA Swimming Membership.  Starting this year, this will be handled by you via a new USA Swimming process and paid directly to USA Swimming.  As in the past, there are several different levels of members:
    1. FLEX 
      1. It is designed for new swimmers to competitive swimming with lesser commitment
      2. A limit of two (2) sanctioned competitions/year
      3. Can be upgraded to Year-Round by paying the difference
    2. Year-Round
      1. Unlimited meet participation
    3. Outreach
      1. A copy of the family’s demonstration of need as listed on the form must be included with the registration
      2. Unlimited meet participation
      3. Please contact [email protected] for assistance with this level
  3. Mandatory Forms, here is the link to the forms
    1. 2022-23 Team Handbook, this provides a detailed look at what we provide our swimmers and your commitment to Rattler Swim Club.
    2. Concussion Information Sheet, this is a required document from the State of California to provide information and protocols on concussions
    3. 2022-23 Parent Contract Acknowledgement – includes the parent handbook acknowledgement
    4. 2022-23 Parent Code of Conduct
    5. 2022-23 MAPP Acknowledgement
    6. Rattler Medical Release Form – one form per swimmer
    7. Rattler Liability Form – multiple swimmers per form
    8. Rattler Photography Consent Form – multiple swimmers per form
    9. Rattler California Concussion Acknowledgement – multiple swimmers per form (This is the Concussion Information Sheet acknowledgement)

Now that you have read this far and you have pulled down all of the necessary paperwork, you can click on the button ‘Continue or Check Status’ below to continue on.

Thank you for continuing to contribute to our family friendly atmosphere and helping to make RATTLER Swim Club the success that it is.

Good luck to you all this year!

Forest Riek
SFV Aquatics Inc / Rattler Swim Club (RTLR)