Snake River Swimming Travel Reimbursement
Shares Program

Snake River has established a Shares Program to help fund the costs incurred by Snake River’s registered swimmers qualifying for and competing in Nationals (including meets such as, Olympic Trials and US Open), Juniors, Open Water Nationals, Futures, LSC Select Camps, Sectionals, and Age Group Sections.

To receive funds, 19 and under swimmers must have competed in no less than three SRSI sponsored meets during the calendar year.  To receive funds, collegians must represent only their SRSI team at the National meet and must have been a member of a Snake River club prior to attending college.

The LSC SWIMS Chairperson will compile a list of all swimmers who have attended the designated meets to be reimbursed. The SWIMS Chair will also verify each swimmer meets the eligibility requirements for reimbursement. The SWIMS Chair will submit the list of swimmers to the SRS Treasurer for distribution of travel funds to Clubs within 2 weeks of the December National Championship meet.

Eligible Meets for Shares

Olympic Trials                                                               8 shares or $900 max

Open/USA National Championships                                 15 shares or $750 max

Speedo Junior Nationals                                                 12 shares or $600 max

USA Swimming Open Water Nationals                               9 shares or $450 max

Select Camps                                                                 6 shares or $300 max

Pro Series                                                                      6 shares or $200 max

Futures Meets                                                                6 shares or $200 max

Western Region Senior Sectionals                                     2 shares or $100 max

Age Group Sectionals                                                     1 share or $50 max

Results of Share Program for 2021

Results of Share Program for 2019

Results of Share Program for 2018

Results of Shares Program for 2017

Age Group Zones and Senior Zones are in a separate budget item.