Why Become an Official?

In order to conduct a sanctioned USA Swimming (USA-S) meet and have swimmers receive official credit for times, certified USA-S officials must conduct the meet (Host team is responsible for providing officials). Here are some other reasons:

  • You're at the meet anyway - why not?
  • Swimming is a family sport that is volunteer intensive.
  • Free food at meets - home and away! (Free is good)
  • Best seat in the house!  The stands get crowded anyways.
  • Possible Tax write-offs for away meets.  Please consult your accountant and applicable State & Federal Tax laws.
  • You become more educated/informed on the sport (and you DONT'T have to be a former swimmer/current swimmer).
  • You have the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to your child's swimming efforts.
  • When you become a USA-S certified official, you are qualified to officiate for the Jefferson Shelby Swim Council, Alabama Hih School Athletic Association and ARPA meets.  USA-S also has a reciprocal agreement with the YMCA.

How Much Time Does It Take To Become An USA-S Official?

Not Much!

  1. Sign up for an account on USA-S (3 minutes).
  2. Download current USA-S Handbook and familiarize yourself with the content (60 minutes).
  3. Take Stroke and Turn Test on-line (open book) (120 minutes).
  4. The rest takes place on the pool deck when you're at the meet anyway.

That's it!  The more you officiate at meets, the easier it becomes.  SBY and USA-S has access to additional video and other training materials/aids to assist in attaining your certification.  Please contact or if you have any questions.  See you on deck!