Training Groups

Swim Birmingham YMCA (SBY) offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels in the most convenient areas of Birmingham!

It is the goal of Swim Birmingham YMCA to offer specific training groups for all of our athletes.  

We have a group for you!

Level 1: $50 Member | $70 Program Participant

This is our entry level team group that introduces young athletes to the world of competitive swimming! Through the application of drills/skills/repetition of basic swimming fundamentals and race strategies, our swimmers are taught an appreciation of the sport from an early age. Swimmers must show basic knowledge of Freestyle and Backstroke.  Comprised of 2, 1 hour practices per week.

Level 2: $70 Member | $90 Program Participant
Group builds upon the fundamental swimming skills learned in Level 1. More advanced drills and training techniques are introduced progressively to improve overall coordination and efficiency in water. Swimmers are encouraged to attend practice regularly and participate in swim meets. Comprised of 3, 1 hour practices per week.

Level 3: $80 Member | $105 Program Participant
Swimmers will be introduced to a competitive swim environment that maintains an emphasis on stroke technique, pace clock reading and organized sets. Swimmers will be coached up to show competency in all four strokes, as well as, demonstrate a respectful and positive attitude at practices and swim meets to all team members. Comprised of 4, 1 hour practices per week.

Junior 1: $95 Member | $125 Program Participant
This is a competitive group that focuses on higher level skills and training that are learned in the Level 3 group. Seasonal and annual training plans are introduced.  The goal for this group is to be competitive on the Southeastern and Sectional level with the desire to advance to the Junior 2 group. Comprised of 5, 1.5 hours practices per week. Ideal for those ages 10-14

Junior 2: $115 Member | $150 Program Participant
Swimmers in this group have a focus on competing at the regional level with the goal of reaching Southeasterns and YMCA Nationals. This is a serious, goal-oriented, competitive group focusing on training hard and swimming fast. Seasonal and annual training plans are followed. Comprised of 5, 2 hour practices per week. Ideal for ages 12 and older, with the expectation of making a minimum of 4 practices per week.

Senior 1: $140 Member | $180 Program Participant
Senior 2: $175 Member | $230 Program Participant
These groups goal is to perform at the highest levels possible in YMCA and USA Swimming. Seasonal, annual, and quadrennial training plans are followed.  The goal for this group is to achieve Junior National, Senior National, and Olympic Trials qualifying times. Swimmers in the Senior group need to be very driven and intrinsically motivated for success. Training hard with a positive attitude and swimming fast are fun for swimmers at this level. Swimmers in this group are considered team leaders and role models for the rest of the team, both on and off the pool deck. Must be invited from coaches to attend this group. Swimmers are expected to attend 90% of practices offered. Senior 1 comprised of 6 practices a week.  Senior 2 comprised of 8 practices a week.
*Prices are per month. Not all levels are offered at each location*