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Hi everybody,


Please make sure to forward this message to your swimmer, or show him/her these videos. They are very educational, interesting, and will keep them engaged in the sport.


Here are 3 very interesting videos: the first one from 1933 demonstrating the evolution fo the strokes, the second one the "creation" of the Butterfly, and the third a story of the last Olympic Games without electronic timing.


On this first one, look at the STARTING BLOCKS, and you will understand why they are called BLOCKS!!! hahaha



This one is the creation of the Butterfly stroke. At the beginning it was just the Breaststroke. At some point some swimmers started to bring their arms forward out of the water, but the kick still being of the breaststroke. And than someone started to do the dolphin kick, in which stroke started to be a lot faster than the one before, and they had to separate those two (Breaststroke and Butterfly). Interesting  :)



And on this one, the problems of not having electronic timing to determine, without any doubt, the places of races, eliminating human mistakes.



I hope you enjoy.

Stay safe, and have a great weekend.

GO Tsunamis!!!


Coach Mario