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Hi Tsunamis,

Today we have one of the biggest "come back" in Olympic history, and also one of the biggest surprises of all time.

At the 1984 Olympic games, the winner of the 200 Butterfly was Jon Sieben (Lane 6), a 17 years old from Australia, kinda unknown before the Games. At the 100 meters mark, he was 7th (!!!), at the 150 he was 4th more than a body behind the world record holder. On the last 50, his sprint to the wall left everyone astonished, helping him break the world record by .01 seconds.

Note that the oldest swimmer on the field was just 21. At that time, a 23-24 years old swimmer was considered old, not like today that the professionalization of the sport is "pushing" the age of the top athletes to go longer. Today, being 30+ years old is not considered old to the sport. In fact the World Record Holder of the 50 Butterfly is a 40 years old Brazilian called Nicholas Santos. At 38 years old he became the oldest World Champion of all time (50 Fly).

Enjoy the race, and remember: what REALLY matters is where you are at the finish!!!

Have a great weekend.

GO Tsunamis!!!

Coach Mario


1984 Olympics



And here is a link to one of Nicholas's races last year (Lane 1, top of the screen). He is known for his start/dolphin kick, which is considered one of the best in the world. Enjoy.