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Hi everybody,

Last time we learned (or remembered) about Mark Spitz. Today let's learn a little bi more about this incredible swimmer. The link shows a couple of his races, and records.

Interesting things:

- NCAA was held in 6 lanes pools!!!!

- No dolphin kick off the starts and turns.

- Huge swim suits

- No caps for the majority of swimmers


- Most of the pools were shallow (usually 4ft deep)


With all the flaws on his races (turns, starts, underwater, finishes), you can imagine that if Spitz would do today's starts+under waters+turns+finishes, he would have been a lot faster. What this means is that races has been "broken down" in different phases and has been improving them since then. Unfortunately there are swimmers today (a very good number) that still swims like 1969-1972, with bad starts, no streamlines, no Underwater kicks, and doing bad turns... Time to move out of the past, and swim in the present  :)





Coach Mario