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Hi everyone,

Today I decided to send you guys not a race, but a very cool documentary from 1976.

Here are a couple things to take notice:

  • 4-5 hours of practice, 12 miles per day!!!
  • AAU (American Athletic Union) was the "USA Swimming" of that time.
  • At some point you will see a GUN in someones hand. Those days GUNS (sound guns) were used for starts (instead of the horn) and the bell for long distance events.
  • Shallow pools (usually they were 4ft deep.
  • At that time, goggles were used for practices, but not for races yet. They would not stay off the start...
  • Stroke technique: BASICALLY the same as today, with some differences:
    • Breaststroke: some part of the head needed to stay above the water the entire time, so swimmers used to keep looking forward the entire time.
    • Freestyle: the head position: at that time it was believed that you should be looking forward with your face at a 45 degrees diagonal angle, and that coaches did not emphasized the kick so much (even though the the fastest swimmers swam with strong kicks)

This is a very cool documentary, very well done.

I hope you enjoy.


Have a safe, and nice day.


Coach Mario