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Hi everyone,

Today's message should be a very entertaining one and fun. We are gonna see videos about the best TARZAN ever: Johnny Weissmuller.

Johnny Weissmuller was the first man to swim 100 meters Freestyle in less than 1 minute. He won 5 Olympic gold medals in swimming in 2 Olympic games: three in 1924 in Paris (100 Free, 400 Free, 4x200 Free Relay), and two in 1928 in Amsterdam (100 Free, 4x200 Free Relay). At that time there was no 50 Free, no 200 Free, and no 4x100 Free Relay events at the Olympic Games).

A story that my dad used to tell me is that he (Weissmuller) could swim faster than alligators!!!!  hahahahaha. And I believed, of course!!!! hahahahaha.

There is not a full race video from him, but there are a lot of interesting videos of him swimming, and acting.

I hope you enjoy it.

Coach Mario


The Tarzan Call !!!!!!


And more:




And him and Duke Kahanamoku (the best swimmer before him)