Super Scoop with Coach Ray

Raymond Snyder IV

Hi Super Bronze and Super Squad Families,

Thank you everyone for coming out to help with our 12&Under kickoff meet last weekend. It was a great first meet for a lot of our new Wahoo swimmers. We hope it was a great learning experience for all our swimmers and parents. Some news going into our next week..

 Practice Changes: 

- Super Bronze Practice is CANCELLED TUESDAY NOVEMBER 16th

- Super Bronze/Super Squad is COMBINED WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 17th at 6:10-7:10 in 25 yard pool

Thanksgiving invite: 

- This meet is not for Super Bronze members! 

- The meet is a 3-day swim meet. Notice the Arrival time on Friday is 1:00PM during the school day. 

- More information regarding the swim meet is presented in the link below: 

Management Console - Wilton Wahoos - TeamUnify


If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns. Please, feel free to reach out to Coach Eric or I at any time!


Coach Ray