Thank you, Wahoo Family!

Raymond Snyder IV

To my Wahoo Family,

            The last two years have gone by quickly, with lots of great memories along the way. Since arriving at the Wilton YMCA, I have found this team and our staff to be a very important part of my life. Todd, Joe, Eric, and Jo Ann welcomed me with open arms on Day 1, and I immediately felt like one of the crew. Our swimmers and parents made my transition into club coaching a seamless one, during an unusual time in the world, back in 2020. 

            As most of you know, I have recently gotten engaged, and my life plans have changed quite a bit since. After many long conversations with my fiancé and family; I have decided to change my career path from the pool deck to the classroom. At the conclusion of the summer season, I will be stepping down as Associate Head Age Group Coach for the Wahoos. 

           This was by no means an easy decision, and was a very emotional one, to say the least.  As someone who cares deeply about my friendships and family relationships, it is important to me to be present for family, friends, and hopefully a family of my own in the future. Unfortunately, between the commute and hours of coaching, I am unable to be my best in both areas of my life.  It is also important to me that our Wahoos have the absolute best, and that is something I am unable to bring to the table day in and day out. 

           I cannot thank Todd, Jo Ann, Eric, Joe, and WPAC for giving me the chance to work with such an amazing team. For many years, I have seen the Wahoos as a competitor, always looking from the outside in, and the last two years have been an absolute blast to finally be a part of such a special program. From doing zoom drylands to getting pied in the face at our very successful Swim-A-Thon. Meeting parents and swimmers for the first time at Wahoo tryouts, to seeing them complete their first legal 100IM or make a first age group after 1-full competition season. These are all the aspects of our profession that make us coaches proud. Seeing swimmers progress, make friends, learn a new skill, and most importantly- have FUN! This is something I know will continue to grow over the seasons to come, with the great coaching staff that we have. 

           In the fall, I will be going back to school to obtain my Connecticut State Teacher’s Certificate, along with a 6th-year degree. After speaking with the coaching staff, I will be available Part-time, as needed, until September-October or until my position is filled. I know I will be checking MeetMobile and CTSwim to keep in touch with how our Wahoos are doing, and of course, always keep my email open to any updates on how things may be going. Thank you so much, my Wahoo Family, for helping me grow as a coach and a person, and for bringing so much fun into my life. 



Much love,

Coach Ray