Metro Swim Shop- Suits and Equipment

  • Team Suits are for meets and Metro will have some in stock printed with logo for pickup.  You can also get all other equipment on the Squad lists there. You can purchase other suits there for practice.
  • How do I order & when will I get?
    • TEAM PORTAL  (updated 9/11/22)

      Fitting @ NORWALK STORE  (666 Main Street Norwalk) ( if you go to shop, you can come home with most of items!)

    • PORTAL OPEN DATE: Thurs, 9/01/22

      ORDER CLOSE DATE: Tue, 9/27/22*

    • EST. DELIVERY DATE: ~ Sat 10/29/22

      $12.95 - ship to home or

      FREE - pick-up in Norwalk Store

Order form / price list with corrected portal








2022-2023 Practice Equipment List  - Click Link to View



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