National Track


The National Track is our advanced swim team experience with multiple practice and competition opportunities along with increased expectations on commitment and performance. Swimmers will focus on becoming smarter in and out of the water including an advanced awareness of race strategy, mental preparation, personal nutrition and an introduction to strength training. Swimmers in this track will also have the option to earn participation in select clinics, outings and swim meets. USA Swimming and YMCA swim meets are offered once bimonthly and participation will be expected.

Regular attendance at practices and meets becomes essential in the National Track. Each group has its own minimum attendance standards that must be maintained to remain on the roster. Swimmers who cannot maintain the attendance standards will need to return to the Competitive Track on a month to month basis until they return their attendance to the National Track standards.

Criteria also considered when moving swimmers into the National Track include how well a swimmer uses the YMCA Core Values within the team environment. Examples include, (but are not limited to), encouraging teammates, maintaining a positive attitude, completing sets to each swimmer’s honest ability, keeping attention on the coach or practice sets and being on time and prepared for the start of practice.

There is a required and non-refundable $125 registration fee to process your swimmer(s)' paperwork and hold their spot on the team along with YMCA league dues, USA Swimming membership, YCF team swim suit, swim caps and 3 t-shirts.

If at any time you opt to cancel out from swim team and then choose to return at a later date, you will be required to pay a $25 processing fee.  


National Prep

Placement into the National Prep group is by coach invitation only. Practices are 120 minutes and are offered 5+ days/week with an expectation that swimmers will attend a minimum of 80% of offered practices. Strength and injury prevention workouts will be available (varies by practice site). 

Monthly Fee: $100 per month (Y members only)



Placement into this group is by coach invitation only for swimmers who are 14 & over. Practices are 120+ minutes and are offered 6+ days/week with an expectation that swimmers will maintain a minimum average of five primary practices/week. Strength and injury prevention workouts will be available as well (varies by practice site)
Monthly Fee: $120 per month (Y members only)