The Platinum Travel Team training group is DSMY's highest level of training offered. It is a high end/challenging, competitive, national level training group for swimmers 13 years old and older. The emphasis of the Platinum training group is to master the details of the physical and mental aspects of the sport. Platinum swimmers will focus on increased volume of aerobic and anaerobic training while pushing themselves out of their comfort zone while striving to perfect their stroke mechanics/technique to optimize their greatest potential for success. A strong emphasis will be placed on goal setting and the mental preparation for national level championship style meets.

Evaluation Guidelines and Requirements for Entry into PlatinumTraining Group

  • Good listening skills
  • Strong kick (underwater dolphin) and aerobic base
  • Positive attitude and great sportsmanship
  • Commitment to the sport of swimming
  • Invitation from Head Travel Team Coach
  • Y National Q and one USA Swimming Sectional National Q time
  • USA Swimming membership is required

Practices Per Week & Length

  • All practices offered each week including double practices (morning and afternoon/evening)
  • 1.5 hours in the morning and 1 hour 45 minutes in the afternoon typically
  • Dry Land training

Group Outcomes (As Outlined in the DSMY Athlete Progression Model)

Course Emphasis,

Water Skills &

Dry Land Training


  • Short course (25 yard) and long course (50 meter) emphasis
  • High-end/challenging endurance and anaerobic training sets
  • Race strategy: race pacing and splitting
  • National meet preparation
  • Basic stretching, basic core, basic agility/speed, strength training, yoga
Character Development
  • Lead with core values
  • Honest communication
  • Self awareness
  • Make mature decisions away from the pool
  • Healthy choices
  • Priority on academics
Meets and Competition
  • 3 YMCA meets (fall/winter season)

  • Y/USA Swim State

  • Y/USA Swim post-State: Y Nationals

  • USA Swim Sectionals/Futures/Junior/Senior Nationals and Olympic Trials
  • All events
  • Track IMX score
Group Goals
  • Focus on all strokes and distances
  • Compete and score at Y State, Y Regionals, ISI Age Group & Senior Championship meets
  • Compete and score at Y Nationals and USA Sectionals/Futures
  • Qualify for USA Swim Junior/Senior Nationals and Olympic Trials
  • Prepare athletes for success in collegiate swimming
Volunteering for Hosted Meets Guidelines
  • Required to help with home meets; variety of positions:
  • YMCA Level 2 OR AO official,
  • USA Swim Stroke & Turn official,
  • Volunteer coordinator

Location Offered