The Bronze training group swimmers have two different options for training, but need to pick one training site choice for the season. DSMY offers a Bronze training group at four branch Practice Sites and an additional group with the Wellmark YMCA Travel Team.

At the practice site, this is a competitive swimming training group for swimmers 13+ years old and will be geared toward the high school swimmer who is also involved in many non-swimming activities and commitments. In order to maintain one's training baseline and to see improvement, swimmers are encouraged to attend as many practices and meets as their schedule will allow.

At the Travel Team site, the focus will be geared towards increasing aerobic capacity while continuing to improve upon stroke technique and mechanics. With increased volume and intensity, Bronze swimmers will continue to master race strategy/execution, improve upon goal setting and mental preparation and be introduced to prelim/finals championship style of meets.

High School Participation Fees At This Location

High school boys, participating with their high school swim team, will be charged in November $50 and for the months of December and January will be charged $15 to remain active so they may compete in their required three YMCA closed meets. Fees for the month of February will be prorated based on the high school championship meet season:  e.g. if your son finishes the high school season at the high school state meet: 2 weeks $50 and if your son finishes the high school season at the high school district meet $75.

High school girls, participating with their high school swim team, will be charged for the months of December, January and February so they may compete in their required three YMCA closed meets. The payment made at check out of registration will be considered payment for December. If returning prior to 12/1 start date, swimmers will be prorated weekly. High school girls are encouraged to register before the season begins to ensure a roster spot. High school girls who are training with their high school team, but choose to register in meets (USA, DSMY, YMCA) for September or October will be assessed the $15 fee to be active in order to compete.

These fees are ONLY for high school (9th-12th grade) swimmers that WILL be participating, competing and representing their high school teams (Girls-Fall Season; Boys-Winter Season). Junior high (7th & 8th graders) that participate with their high school team are NOT eligible for these training group fees.

Evaluation Guidelines and Requirements for Entry into Bronze Training Group

  • Good listening skills
  • Strong kick and aerobic base
  • Legal in all four strokes
  • Ability to read the pace clock
  • Practice Site: 13+ years old, high school swimmer or invitation from Practice Site Head Coach
  • Travel Team: 11+ years old with one USA Swim “AA” time standard OR summer before freshman year of high school.

Practices Per Week & Length

  • 4-5 practices per week
  • Travel Team: intro to doubles
  • Practice Site: 1 hour 30 minutes; Travel Team: 1 hour 45 minutes per practice
  • Travel Team: optional Dry Land encouraged

Bronze Equipment Needed for Practice Sites

Your own: Suit, cap, goggles, water bottle, towel, kickboard, pull buoy, snorkek, fins (your choice/preference)

Optional: hand paddles (your choice/preference)

Group Outcomes (As Outlined in the DSMY Athlete Progression Model)

Course Emphasis,

Water Skills &

Dry Land Training


  • Short course (25 yard) emphasis at the Practice Site; short and long course (50m) with the Travel Team
  • Stroke technique emphasis
  • Legal strokes and turns
  • Aerobic endurance and anaerobic training based
  • Race strategy, test sets, build/descend/negative split sets
  • Intro to pushing outside of physical and mental comfort zones emphasized with the Travel Team
  • Basic stretching
  • Basic core
  • Basic speed/agility
Character Development
  • Live the core values
  • Positive team culture, relationships, sportsmanship
  • Goal setting
  • Community service
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Healthy choices
  • Priority on academics
Meets and Competition
  • 3 YMCA meets (fall/winter season)

  • 3 USA Swimming meet (Travel Team)

  • YMCA State Meet (1st weekend of March)

  • Relays

  • Travel Team: 1650 free, 200 fly, 400 IM, Track IMX score

Group Goals
  • Maintain a love for the sport
  • Practice Site: maintain feel for the water and aerobic base
  • Travel Team: focus on all strokes while increasing the distances
  • Compete and score at Y State, Y Regionals and ISI Age Group & Senior Championship meets
  • Progression to Silver Travel Team training group
Volunteering for Hosted Meets Guidelines
  • Required to help with home meets; variety of positions:
  • YMCA/USA official
  • volunteer coordinator and/or committee leader

Locations Offered