The Travel Team training group is a meet preparation training group for swimmers 13 years old and older. The emphasis is placed on physical and mental preparation for success at prelim/final meet experiences. Travel Team swimmers will continue to build their aerobic endurance while challenging their anaerobic development and master stroke mechanics and technique. A great emphasis will be placed on the mental preparation for championship style meets including race strategy and execution, mental focus and individual pre-race routine.

Evaluation Guidelines and Minimum Requirements for Entry into Travel Team Training Group

  • Good listening skills
  • Strong kick and aerobic base
  • Legal in all four strokes
  • Ability to read the pace clock
  • 13+ years old
  • ISI Championship Q time in current age group
  • One USA Swim “A” time standard, head practice site coach invitation, OR summer before freshman year of high school.
  • 10x100 free @ 1:30, 10x100 kick @ 2:00 and 8x100IM @ 1:45 (all scy)
  • USA Swimming membership required

Practices Per Week & Length

  • 6+ practices per week
  • Double practices (morning and afternoon/evening)
  • 1 hour 45 minutes per practice typically
  • Optional Dry Land training

Group Outcomes (as outlined in the DSMY Athlete Progression Model)

Course Emphasis,

Water Skills &

Dry Land Training


  • Short course (25 yard) and long course (50 meter) emphasis
  • Continuation at a higher level of: endurance and anaerobic training, race strategy, test sets, build, descend, negative split
  • push outside of comfort zones for practice and meet events
  • Basic stretching, basic core, basic agility/speed, strength training
Character Development
  • Live the core values
  • Positive team culture & relationships,
  • Sportsmanship
  • Goal setting
  • Community service
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Healthy choices
  • Priority on academics
Meets and Competition
  • 3 YMCA meets (fall/winter season)

  • Y/USA Swim State

  • Y Regionals / USA Zones

  • All events
  • Track IMX score
Group Goals
  • Focus on all strokes and distances
  • Compete and score at Y State, Y Regionals, ISI Age Group & Senior Championship meets
  • Qualify for Y Nationals
  • Prepare athletes for success in collegiate swimming
Volunteering for Hosted Meets Guidelines
  • Required to help with home meets; variety of positions:
  • YMCA Level 2 OR AO official,
  • USA Swim Stroke & Turn official,
  • Volunteer coordinator

Location Offered