The Travel Team Prep training group is a transition level training group for swimmers 11 years old and older moving from the blue/bronze training group to Travel Team. The emphasis is placed on building endurance and anaerobic base as well as mental preparation for competition experiences. Travel Team Prep is also geared towards triathletes and multi-sport athletes who compete in other sports while still swimming. Five practices will be offered per week and meets are optional for those in multiple sports.

Evaluation Guidelines and Requirements for Entry into Travel Team Prep Training Group

  • Good listening skills
  • Strong kick and aerobic base
  • Legal in all four strokes
  • Ability to read the pace clock
  • 11+ years old
  • One USA Swim “AA” time standard in freestyle event OR summer before freshman year of high school.
  • 8x100 free @ 1:35, 8x100 kick @ 2:05 and 6x100IM @ 1:50 (all scy)
  • USA Swimming membership required

Practices Per Week & Length

  • 5 practices per week
  • 90 minutes per practice
  • Optional Dry Land training

Group Outcomes (As Outlined in the DSMY Athlete Progression Model)

Course Emphasis,

Water Skills &

Dry Land Training


  • Short course (25 yard) and long course (50 meter) emphasis
  • Intro to a higher level of endurance and anaerobic training, race strategy, test sets and training components suchs as build, descend, negative split
  • push outside of comfort zones for practice and meet events
  • Basic stretching, basic core, basic agility/speed, strength training
Character Development
  • Live the core values
  • Positive team culture & relationships,
  • Sportsmanship
  • Goal setting
  • Community service
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Healthy choices
  • Priority on academics
Meets and Competition
  • 3 YMCA meets (fall/winter season)

  • Y/USA Swim Silvers/State

  • Y Regionals

  • All events
  • Track IMX score
Group Goals
  • Focus on all strokes and distances
  • Compete and score at Y State, Y Regionals, ISI Age Group & Senior Championship meets
Volunteering for Hosted Meets Guidelines
  • Required to help with home meets; variety of positions:
  • YMCA Level 2 OR AO official,
  • USA Swim Stroke & Turn official,
  • Volunteer coordinator

Location Offered