DSMY Travel Team & Travel Team Prep

Wellmark YMCA
501 Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA 50309

Travel Team Head Coach
Emma Sougstad  [email protected]

Hey Marlins!

My name is Emma Sougstad and I will be the head coach of the Wellmark Travel Team and Prep Team begninning in June. I have absolutely loved working with you for the past year as the interim head coach and cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity to lead you toward your goals this season with the collaboration of the 6 talented assistant coaches. 

My goal as your coach is to continue and heighten your elite level of training at the YMCA with target objective practices; this means that each practice directly applies to a race strategy. This intentional approach is essential for confidence behind the blocks and optimal performance. It includes but is not limited to: 200/400 IM workouts, pull/kick isolation sets, 200 pace days, distance/power groups, weekly test sets, underwater/dryland work, 100 work, recovery days and anaerobic capacity workouts. There will also be an emphasis on an environment with a growth mindset and focus on teamwork/collaboration.  

I also am passionate about the psychological component to competition. We will have two 'character bootcamps' throughout this season on 'What Drives Winning' and 'Mental Toughness- Breaking Down Barriers with Resilience and Grit'.  

Marlins, let's make it a great season! 

Wellmark Travel Team Assistant Coaches


Honorary coach: Trudy Hancock

Bryan Hill, USA
Mollie Sabo, USA
Selena Mufti,  USA
Kathleen Juffer, USA
Shaylee Torrence, USA
Aftin Phyte, USA

DSMY Travel Team Eligibility

For more information about the DSMY Program model and level descriptions click here.

Eligibility for Travel Team:

  • 13+ years old with ISI Champs Q time in current age group
  • One USA Swimming “AA” time standard in a freestyle event (USA Swimming time standards) OR the swimmer is entering the summer season before their freshman year of high school (with no time standards).

Eligibility for Travel Team Prep:

  • Must have approval and communication from site team coach
  • 11+ years old with one USA Swimming “AA” time standard in a freestyle event for current age group, USA Swimming time standards and head practice site coach invitation.
  • Athlete will accomplish the two Wednesday test sets of travel team prep and be competitive with the times of the current team

To be a part of the DSMY swimming team, swimmers must maintain a current YMCA facility membership throughout the season. All swim team members must check-in to the facility with their membership card through the front desk welcome center. A USA Swimming Premium membership is a requirement for Travel Team Prep and Travel Team training groups.

Training Groups and Season Fee*

Spring/Summer 2022 Season Fee
April Start
Season Fee 
May Start
Travel Team $700 $525 $175
Travel Team Prep $620 $465 $155

* Meet fees are seperate and in addition to season fees. They are dependent on events swam and will be billed after meets have been posted. See below regarding high school in season fees.

Practice Schedule

Spring 2022

  Mon PM Tue Am Tue PM Wed AM Wed PM Thur AM Thur PM Fri PM Sat AM
TT 4:30-6:15 5:45-7:00 4:30-6:15 5:45-7:00 4:30-6:15 5:45-7:00 4:30-6:15 4:30-6:00 7:30-9:30
TTP 4:30-6:00   4:30-6:00   4:30-6:00   4:30-6:15 4:30-6:00 7:30-9:30

Summer 2022

  Mon Am Tue AM Tue PM Wed AM Wed PM Thur AM Thur PM Fri AM Sat AM
TT 5:30-7:00
4:15-5:30 5:30-7:00
4:15-5:30 5:30-7:00
4:15-5:30 5:30-7:00
TTP 7:00-9:00 7:00-9:00   7:00-9:00   7:00-9:00   7:00-9:00 7:30-9:30



Spring/Summer 2022
(Tenative- Subject to Change)

Dates Meet Location Meet Invite
July 15-17, 2022 Silvers Valley HS, WDM TBA
July 21-24, 2022 Long Course State Championships CRWC, Iowa City TBA
July 27-30, 2022 Futures Minnepolis, MN TBA
August 1-5, 2022 Speedo Junior Championships Irvine, CA TBA
August 4-7, 2022 Central Zones- Team Iowa Minneapolis, MN TBA


Team Travel Equipment Needed

Your own:

High School Participation Fees

High school aged swimmers in grades 9-12 are eligible for a special rate schedule when they choose to participate in their high school swim team. Junior high/middle school team participants are NOT eligible.

High school swim team participants must register for the season by the September start date to ensure their roster spot and maintain their eligibility for competition in USA and YMCA meets as well as DSMY Marlin team functions.

2022 High School Girls Season: August 9, 2022- November 13, 2022
2022-23 High School Boys Season: November 7, 2022- February 10, 2023




Season (Nov-Feb)

Post Season (x/weeks)

TT HS Girls





TTP HS Girls





PS HS Girls





TT HS Boys










PS HS Boys





TT: Travel Team
TTP: Travel Team Prep
PS: Practice Site

Financial Assistance 

The YMCA of Greater Des Moines offers financial assistance to families making under $50,000 annually. If you would like more information about the financial assistance program please contact the Wellmark YMCA's Financial Assistance Specialist:

Phone number 515-471-8561
Email [email protected]