Having trouble with your child's USA Registration? Try this trouble shooting guide:

Have you set up your Parent Account?

  • NO?
    1. Go to USAswimming.org
    2. Click Login/Register in the top right-hand corner.
    3. Watch "How to Create an Account as a Parent" video.
    4. Create account as instructed in video.
    5. Do NOT add family members at this point. They will be added through the registration process.
    6. Log-out. 
    7. Go back to invitation email sent by DSMY Marlins through our Team Unify site.
    8. Use red button at bottom of invitation email to access the registration process.
  • YES? ​

Did you use the red button at the bottom of the invitation email?


Perfect! That should take you to a log in screen:

  1. Login using your username and password. (See above.)
  2. Screen should welcome you to our LSC and Club (Iowa Swimming, DSMY).
  3. Press Continue
  4. Screen should ask you who the membership is for: yourself or someone other than logged-in user.
  5. Choose “someone other than logged-in user.”
  6. A question about whether the person has ever had a USA membership pops up along with a grey toggle box. This box is stupid. Keep clicking on it until it says NO.
  7. Click the red NEW MEMBER box under the picture of Michael Phelps.
  8. Add your swimmer’s info and push red CONTINUE.
  9. A dialogue box pops up asking you about Possible Existing Person Matches. Select your swimmer from the box and hit the red CONTINUE.
  10. Enter Emergency Contact info. Red CONTINUE.
  11. Select Premium Athlete. Red CONTINUE.
  12. Answer Ethnicity questions (or not). Red CONTINUE.
  13. Competition Category. Red CONTINUE.
  14. Legal Acknowledgements. Red CONTINUE.
  15. Electronically sign documents. Red CONTINUE.
  16. Information confirmation. Since your swimmer was previously USA registered (even though we said “NO” earlier) their new member id should be seen on this screen because the system found them after you selected them on that pop-up dialogue box. If the Member Id on this screen says “new” use the pencil icon to go back and edit your answers, making sure to select their underlined name from that pop-up dialogue box.
  17.  Add another member the same way or red CHECK OUT to go through to the payment screen.



Go back to the invitation email sent through Team Unify and use the red button on the bottom of the email. If you can't find your email invitation, contact the Swim Team Admin to have a new invitation sent.

If you have tried these steps and are still unsuccessful or are having a different issue, please contact the Swim Team Admin.