Tasks Parents Can Help With

  • Running Meets, Set up and Tear Down

(16) timers, (3) stroke and turn judge, (3-4) awards/ribbons, (1) announcer,(1) meet starter, (1) results runner, (3-4) clerk of course, (1) Hytek operator,(1) big screen operator, (2) timing system operators, (1) meet manager,(1-2) program sales.  General help is needed to set-up and tear down before and after meets.

  • Volunteer Coordinator Duties

Help line up the above tasks prior to meets along with the Aquatic Director and Coaches.

  • Pictures

Assist with individual and team pictures. Take many pictures during the season of all swimmers for use in marketing, team banquet slide show, etc.

  • Fundraising

Help sell advertising for swim meets and the YMCA state swim meet to promote Marshalltown. Help secure sponsorships.

  • PR and Media Relations

Write up brief meet highlights and results and forward to local newspapers to promote our team.

  • YMCA State Meet Planning and Prep

Help us plan and put on the the very best swim meet for close to 1,000 Iowa YMCA swimmers.

  • Banquet

Organize and plan the end of the year banquet to celebrate all we have accomplished.

  • Team Parent

Assist coaches in keeping track of younger athletes. Help to make sure swimmers know where to go and when!

  • Volunteer Room

Bring food and water for home swim meets. Help to keep the volunteer room neat and tidy during the meet, and cleanup after.

Please join the team in making the Blue Wave Swim Team successful for each child!