Parent Responsibilities

• Keep informed of swim team activites and events.

• Volunteer to help run the home swim meets and State Meets.

• Support your child throughout the season.

• Attend the competitions whenever possible.

• Help your child plan, set, strive and achieve their goals.

• Be patient. All swimmers develop at different paces.

• Make sure your swimmer attends all practice sessions.

• instill a strong/healthy sense of sportsmanship, character and self image.

Parent Code of Ethics

As a swim parent, I pledge to…

• provide positive support and encouragement for my swimmer.

• encourage good sportsmanship by modeling good sportsmanship to all swimmers, officials and coaches.

• place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of my desire to see my child succeed.

• support the decisions of my swimmer’s coaches, even if I have a different agenda.

• remember that swim meets are a chance to improve upon previous times

• provide transportation for my child to his or her competitive swimming events.

• support my child’s responsibility to the team including attending practices, meets and team functions.

• become involved for fundraising or volunteering when needed throughout the season.

• read the handbook myself and to my child/children, so we all may be a successful Blue Wave Family.



Volunteering for a child’s event is an important way for parents to communicate love and caring for the child.

Helping is a fun way to get the whole family involved in the activity. ALL parents’ help makes each swim meet a success.

Swim Official Training Certification

Available for anyone wishing to volunteer. Gives information on how to time and officiate as well as aids parents in understanding YMCA of USA swimming rules. Certification opportunities are planned every fall prior to the start of the Winter Swim season.

The Officials

Officials are present at all competitions to implement the technical rule of swimming and to ensure that the competition is fair and equitable. All parents are encouraged to get involved with some form of officiating.

Timers – Operate timing devices (stopwatches and automatic timing systems) and record official times per lane.

Stroke and Turn Judges – Observe from each end of the pool and ensure that the rules relating to each stroke and/ or turn and/ or finishes are being followed. Fills out and turns in a “DQ slip” for infractions.

Clerk of Course – Arranges the swimmers in their proper heats and lanes prior to an event.

Starter – Controls the flow of the meet. Directs start of each event.

Referee – Has overall authority of the competition. Assigns and instructs all officials and volunteers. Decides all questions relating to the conduct of the meet.