2021-2022 Billing Information

All TEAM billing is done through your account with our TEAM WEBSITE - www.ynwlswim.com (Team Unify). 

Team Unify automatically bills accrued charges on the 1st of every month and only the 1st of every month. Accounts are charged based on accrued fees through the final day of the previous month. Please DO NOT regularly manually draft your account charges on dates other than the 1st except after a failed autodraft on the 1st. The system charges the team transaction fees every time a payment is made. If these charges multiply by too much, it will be neccessary to raise fees for members to cover that expense.

Families must login to their accounts with the website and register a Credit Card or Bank Account if you desire to use the autopay feature. It is the account holder's responsibility to ensure the form of payment is in working order and to clear any balance from a failed payment should that occur. If the account holder chooses not to use the autopay feature, it is their responsibility to pay by cash or check by the stated deadline to avoid any late fees.

Any unpaid balance from a previous season will automatically be included at registration for the next season

Your financial obligation to be a part of the YNWL Swim Team is divided into 5 components:

  1. Per Swimmer Annual Registration Fee (included: T-Shirt-limited supply after Fall Reg & 1 Silicone Cap)
  2. Monthly Team Fees - based on the annual cost of staff, facility usage, and program expenses for both Short Course (fall/winter) and Long Course (spring/summer) seasons
  3. Annual USA Registration ($88: $85 USA Fee + $3 Team Unify Fee)
  4. Team Expenses - Meet Entry Fees, Caps, T-Shirts, etc
    1. Meet Entry Fees will have $1 per swimmer, per meet added to help cover system processing fees. All other processing fees will be absorbed in the program budget.
  5. Volunteer Requirement - click here for more details
    1. Upon withdraw from the program, any remaining owed balance will automatically be charged to the form of payment on file with Team Unify. If there is no form of payment on TU able to be used, the form of payment used for YMCA Membership will be used.

Swimmer Withdraw Policy: CLICK

How to Setup Your Payment Method (CLICK)

NOTE: This system only accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, or DISCOVER for credit card users. Bank Accounts are also able to be used

All invoice balances are due on the 1st of each month. Accounts that register a Credit Card or Bank Account on their TEAM WEBSITE account will have charges automatically charged on the 1st. If you choose to pay by check each month, that is acceptable. Checks should be made out to the "YMCA of Northwest Louisiana" and turned in ONLY to Coach John or Coach Tyler. DO NOT attempt to pay at the front desk.

Invoiced balances from the previous month will be considered overdue on the 21st and the system will automatically add a $10 late fee. Accounts that are charged a late fee but contact Coach John prior to the next Invoice generation AND clear their balance, can have the late fee removed. Late Fees cannot be removed once the next month's invoice is generated in the system.

On the 24th of each month, YNWL will email a “Billing Summary” to each account to remind everyone of the current accrued charges through that day and a preview of expected dues on the next invoice. Members can log in and view the status of their account at any time throughout the month. YNWL will make every effort not to add additional charges after emailing out the “Billing Summary” on the 24th. Only charges needing to be billed in a specific month for budgeting purposes will be added after the 24th.

Members are responsible for keeping track of their accounts, charges, and payments.

Should payment fail or not be made on the 1st of the month, account balances have until the 21st of the month to be cleared and paid in full. To alert families of this, members automatically receive a system generated email when their payment fails.

To clear/pay a failed payment (On Demand Payments):

  1. Update your registered Credit or Debit Card if necessary by logging into your account and clicking on “payment setup”.
  2. Once updated, you can manually push charges through yourself, or you may need to contact Coach John (318-674-9635) to alert him that the charges can be redrafted.
    1. This is only possible using a Credit Card or Debit Card. Accounts with a Bank Account registered for payment do not have the ability for ‘On Demand’ payments. A check must be submitted by the 21st to clear the account balance.
    2. CLICK HERE for further information on making On-Demand Payments

What form of payment is charged?
The Credit Card or Bank Account that you register with your Team Unify (Team website) Account, if you choose to do so.

Can this form of payment be changed?
Yes. Members can log in to their account and change the Credit Card or Bank Account on file to be used for monthly Team Expense charges.

Can I add a Credit to my account?
Yes. Those with a Credit or Debit card on their account have the ability to make ‘On Demand’ payments at any time, including the ability to overpay to leave a credit on the account (Non-Refundable)